The Shame of it - Daily Mail and the little baby seals

OK, so I saw this achingly beautiful photograph:

...and the heartrending comments of the Mail readership beneath the headline:

"The little orphan seal pup swept in by the storm"

Her mournful eyes could melt the stoniest of hearts. And her expression reflects a life that has been storm-tossed and sorrowful.
This grey seal pup was separated from her parents when gales and torrential rain hit their breeding grounds on the Isles of Scilly.

Read more:

But then the dark side of the British Middle Class Media Censorship and Bunny Hugging er.. Fraternity showed itself in their most sinister light. I received this threatening message:

"We have received a number of complaints about the comment you made on article "Rescue centres inundated by orphaned seals after torrential storms hit pupping season"

"Your comment has been removed"

I am incensed. All I did was mention my favourite hardwood baseball bat. Bastards.

When will they ever learn etc?
Hmmm, hardwood? Near all that moisture and damp, you'll get a fungus lad. Aluminium alloy's what you want! Tsk, standards.
Know the worrying thing....I looked at the photo and thought the same thing.

Join Arrse turn into a psychopath with a little help from your new friends. :twisted:

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