The Shambles of the England Cricket Team

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by LtTrousersnake, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Sack Captain

  2. Sack Coach

  3. Drop the lot of em (apart from KP)

  4. Drop the lot of them (apart from KP and AF)

  1. Well what a waste of time.

    England really are as bad a cricket team as the 5-0 ashes drubbing suggested.

    I am embarrassed by Englands performance today against RSA.

    Michael Vaughan is simply not good enough to bat or captain England.
    Andrew Flintoff can no longer call himself an all rounder.
    Bell and Collingwood are good but not world class.
    Panesar does not turn the ball enough to be a threat at the highest level.
    Mahmood and Anderson are just good county players
    Peiterson is world class but he is constantly under pressure.

    So in my opinion, Vaughan and Fletcher must go immediately!

    Thoughts please gentlemen?
  2. Abysmal. Vaughan is useless, Flintoff is in the wrong frame of mind. KP crumbled. Panesar celebrates like a big girl.
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    This thread should read "The shambles of the England (insert sport here) Team". We're pretty tonk at most things at the moment, unless your name is Lewis Hamilton.
  4. Agreed! We once could rest easy in sporting defeat as we could say that our country was a great place to live. We once commanded global respect for our politicians, their foreign policy and the general behaviour of British people. That is no longer the case!

    Now, I want to live in Australia or NZ.
  5. I know i shouldn't be, but it makes me so angry to watch a team capitulate so easily. No spark let alone fire, and summed up by Mamoods abysmal feilding display when he failed to stop a four.

    It's not as if it was a bad pitch, as RSA proved in less than 20 overs.

    Vaughan and Fletcher must go without a shadow of a doubt. As for the rest, the majority of them (less Nixon, Collingwood and perhaps Bopara) can go and jump cos they dont have the fire in them.
  6. Yes Bigod sack the lot except for KP and perhaps Collingwood and Bopara.
    It's not 10 minutes since we were all moaning about Bangladesh's test status, well I can see the southern hemisphere saying the same about us.
    Geoff Boycott was right months ago that Fletcher should have had his arrse out of the door after the Ashes.
    More importantly we need a clear out of the selectors who allowed this to happen and criminally let Troy Cooley go back to Australia instead of making Mahmoud and Anderson better bowlers.
  7. At least Nixon could hold his head up as he did try. How often can one say 'thank goodness for the Irish', at least their team had attitude, determination and played above themselves.

    I wonder if Freddie and the gang will give their MBEs back so that worthwhile people can have them

    I'll get my box
  8. Was it just me or is Andrew Flintoff starting to look a bit lardy?

    McGrath, Pollock et al all look fitter!

    Anderson and Mahmood are so hittable!
  9. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Oh dear! How sad! Never mind!

    I seem to recall that a certain Iain "Beefy" Botham was also accused of being slightly rotund. Stop believing your own publicity FFS.

    Question: Did you REALLY expect England to win?
  10. I think that there's a really good swing bowler in Jimmy Anderson trying to get out but unfortunately all this b0llox with central contracts means that he hardly ever plays any cricket - is that really the way to produce good players?
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I refer myself to my previous views on the England Crapckit team.

    Useless feckers.

    Collingwood, Pietersen, Bopara and Nixon are the only ones to come out of the last six months with any sort of credit to them.
  12. Pretty poor all round I guess.

    I think it all started to go wrong when there was all that brouhaha after the Ashes triumph. Agreed, winning the Ashes was a triumph but -

    Bus parades ?

    MBEs ?!

    Visits to Downing Street ! Inevitable with the 'Spiv' in charge I suppose.

    The series was only won 2 to 1 and could have gone the other way easily.
  13. the oversight of Mal Loye was a crucial mistake which could cost fletch his job, as England have needed an aggressive batsmen at the top of the order.

    Still, I see no reason why an exodus wouldn't work. Keep Collingwood and Pietersen, and bring Hoggard, Gough, Irani, Kirtley and Onions into the ODI team so certain players know they're not untouchable.

    Panesar is just ******* useless as an ODI cricketer, same with Joyce.
  14. Vaughan has got a cheek commenting on Fletcher resigning! Surely he's next for the axe!!!!!!
  15. Agree but unfortunately Goughy was ommitted and it will be late for him now but we'll see how he does for yorkshire (Im sure his maturity and end of an innings bowling would of helped the other bowlers in the world cup)
    We need a big shake up and by all accounts the new man is good, but I still think Vaughan will have to go he tries and plays test cricket in a limited over match and run to ball ratio is appalling.
    How can they keep selecting Mamhood.
    Even though he can be mouthy at times you need someone like beefy in amongst the team to shake them up on the training round.