The sh*t quiz

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANK60, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. Discover your inner turd. My result:


    The Sh*t brick is usually the kinda person that doesn't like doing much. Turning down a nice romp in the park to his or her favorite television show and a nice big Mac or a box of chicken nuggets. Though sh*t bricks have their anti social flaws, what they lack in social values they make up for in laziness... But I guess that isn't a good thing either way.. Ok, sh*t bricks are just lazy fcuks...

    The Sh*t Quiz
  2. Sliding down hills on cardboard - wow, happy memories indeed :D

    Well that's me told:

    Diarrhea's are by far the most humorous of all the shits, going for the big laugh at all costs. From fart jokes to slapstick humor Diarrhea's are know for pulling out the stops when it comes to shits and giggles... Though Diarrhea's do have their down sides.. And like the sad clowns they are, Diarrhea's are actually dying inside and prone to suicide and even murder...
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    J_D LE


  4. Don't ask me how I came upon this. I'm sick. Help! :twisted: