The Serf Flasheart

Do you like the supposed BB conspirator?

  • Yes but I wouldn't let him near my family

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  • No it's obvious he is disturbed and should be locked up

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As he started a popularity contest between myself and Bravo _Bravo, im returning the favour :D

Wonder how long before he edits :lol:

He wont as you dont need help from me to look an arrse!! :wink:
BURN THEM ALL, BURN THEM ALL........oooohhhhhh the beautiful flames, their beauty..........matches, must find fight it, medication is good, medication is good......... 8O
I like sausages (wibble)
You should come around sometime and see my collection of sausages, they are all burnt mind but the anecdotes behind each burning is hilarious 8O
No he's not.

You are because you are the filth, occupational hazard s'ppose! :wink: :roll:

And Bravo_Bravo is miles ahead on the other thread. :p
flash aha the savior of the universe da da da dum dum dum dum dum, flash aha, he'll save veryone of us aha..dum dum dum dum....
well think its how it went :wink:
Aunty Stella said:
The only thing that this Flash saves are the used condoms he collects after being tag fcuked at the local bop.
Aunty I hold you personally responsible for the pepper sauce I just scraped off the screen 8)

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