The Septics are moving to Clapham

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TheIronDuke, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    A lovely part of South London and I am surprised many of us dont live there. Or go there. What with all the shopping opportunities on Streatham High Street of a Saturday morning, and Tooting Bec market within gobbing distance?

    Tooting & Mitcham United Football Club commemorative mugs are still for sale. Half price before the Septics discover Morden on Avon was the birthplace of William Shakespeare and the home town of Winston Churchill. And HRH The Queen. And the Purley Kings.

    Cor, lav a dak, Mayry Puppins.

    Anyone want to buy a demo job in Berkley Square?
  2. Duke, may I say on behalf of planet earth, what are you on about? :D
  3. OK, so this one's a bit off the wall, even for you ID, but I'll bite, although I suspect I'll come to regret it.

    How much are you asking?
  4. New US Embassy.
  5. ermmmmmmmmm it's actually Nine Elms the US Embassy is moving to
  6. With you now. If you're looking in the right direction, it's not confusing at all.
  7. Clapham? Streatham? Tooting? Mitcham?

    Isn't it actually Battersea (or Nine Elms), pretentiously also known as South Chelsea?

    (Beaten by Poppy - but I don't mind)
  8. Most of the septics I know,working in the current location,have been told that they'll need to live on the same side of the river ,as the new Embassy at Nine Elms.Apart from the ambassador that is!
  9. Only to those who want to big it up and try to get more cash when selling their abodes.
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Gosh. That loud noisy baseball team they used to pollute Regents Park with, will have to relocate to... er... erm... wassname of that park in south London that ginger bird got raped and murdered in.... wassname? The Wombles live there....

    Whatever. I'm sure the Septics will love sarf London.
  11. Milton Keynes?
  12. Surely, they'll just move it to Battersea Park
  13. Assuming that you're referring to Berkeley Square, why? What's there apart from a song-filled nightingale? :p

    Do you actually mean Grosvenor Square, the location of the US Embassy since 1938?
  14. Seems odd that the Yanks would choose to position their embassy in Nine Elms, though. Don't they know that Cabbies don't ply south of the river? And it's not exactly handy for the Tube.