The Septic gobment out for revenge!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, May 25, 2007.

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  1. You either love or loathe Michael Moore (personally, I think he’s great), but his new documentary filum “Sicko” seems to have severely disarranged the undergarments of Babbeo Bush and his slimy gang of psychopaths that they decided to try and pin anything on him, in the hope of building up a negative opinion. The resulting fallout was every ad-wo/man’s dream. Moore could’ve most likely saved all the money he spent on advertising his filum and left it all up to the Septic gobment.

    However, part of the filum brings to light just how reprehensibly some of the 9/11 first responders have been treated by the Septic gobment. That’s the reason why Moore took some of them to Cuba for medical investigations and treatments which their own gobment was/is either denying them or making it very difficult to access. On this vid, some of these people explain their motivation for taking part in the documentary and what happened to them while in Cuban medical care:

    This next vid delivers some rather shocking news about those 9/11 first responders who decided to take part in the documentary. I was simply lost for words. Just check it out for yourselves:

    Mean/small-mindedness, perverted spitefulness and unnecessary vindictiveness spring to mind. Still, what can you really expect from grotesquely perverted cünts like Babbeo Bush and Dick(head) Cheney? It’s small wonder that Phoney Tony feels right at home with them. Kindred spirits and all that.

  2. Wonder how many people will sue him this time for lying and taking quotes out of context. I was tempted to sue him myself to get back the 2 hours of my life I wasted watching his drivel.

    My favourite Fahrenheit 9/11 story is the one recounted in Dusty Warriors where the QRF Comd in CIMIC house in Al Amarah is panicking about his troops watching it and trying to work out what he will say when it finishes to prevent it damaging their morale. As the movie finishes before he gets a chance to say anything the youngest Pte in the multiple says "that was shit" and eveyone else just nodded, problem solved.

    And for an Iraqi opinion on Fahrenheit 9/11
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Michael Moore has to be one of the most deserving people on this planet for a Darwin Award. If he wasn't so fat, you might think he was Tony Bliar the amount of spin coming out of his hole.

    God I hate that tw@t!
  4. Yep he's an idiot. He isn't worthy of having the title 'documentary maker'. Rather a mockumentary maker. The amount of propaganda and carefully edited footage that was used in Fahenheit 9/11 is both sickening and misleading. People seemed to lap it up as truth because he is opposed to Bush.

    I'm no fan of Bush and the administration but Michael Moore just aggrevates me more towards the 'anti-war' crowd.
  5. T_T, if your saying that because of M Moore you become more anti war, then he's doing his job - that's what Moore wants, he wants people to be anti-war.
  6. No I should've worded that better, I meant it puts me Moore off the anti-war movement, I despise it as it is. Full of ignorant, opportunistic idiots. You know the marching down London with banners kind who think 'protesting' is doing something when it's not. Yet they've completely turned a blind eye to previous atrocities in Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia, Sudan etc.
  7. "Bowling for Columbine" wasn't any better in the accuracy stakes. I haven't looked up "Roger and Me" or "Sicko", but so far he's 0 for 2.

  8. I think his target audiences are rednecks, hicks, fat munters and people who work in McDonalds.
  9. True about Bowling for Columbine, although it was a good thing he helped out those kids and got Walmart to not sell ammo so freely in their stores. His argument about being surrounded by 'war machines' was a little idiotic. As was his thing on Kosovo, considering that he conveniently didn't mention the butchering that was going on there - hence the intervention (which wasn't enough but hey).
  10. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    I think you're not correct on 'Red Necks. :wink: '
  11. Depends on your point of view. Walmart doesn't sell ammo at all in my area, which is an utter travesty. On the other hand, it was sold just as easily to me in Nevada as in any other shop I've ever been to.

  12. Michael Moore fights fire with fire. Good luck to him. He hasn't descended as far into cynicism, character assassination, dirty tricks and plain violence and murder as much as those he portrays in his excellent films.

    Roll on Sicko. It will be a tonic for people like me who don't enjoy being forced to wallow in mistrust and scepticism. It's about time we had another shot in the arm to keep our spirits up.
  13. Yes. That's extremely humorous, thank you. As the Michael Moore wallet's mentioned, do I detect just a smidgin of envy? Hmmmm?