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Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Goatman, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    No, not an untipped heavy tar lung-collapser - Her Majesty's Royal Navy.

    Right - got all the 'Golden rivet', 'iPods for Iranians' and 'Rum, sodomy and the Lash' stuff out of your system yet?

    [pause.......] better ?

    This board has a dedicated forum for Aviation and numerous threads in which passing reference is made to Naval capability ( usually along the deluded lines of ' Two row-boats and a canoe' comments from people who been sick on the Torpoint ferry, although we have also some expert witnesses who have 'spent more time on one wave' )

    Mods, I propose that this thread should be a home for 'naval stuff'....and yes, I know Rum Ration exists

    Couldn't find a suitable forum or ongoing thread for this here goes;


    'Head of Destroyers' - that's got to be job title of the year...

    Out Pipes, Turn To you lot.....

    Le Chevre
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    the reason I think there is a need for a separate area covering Dark Blue issues for ' the good and benefit of the troop' is vividly illustrated by this quote:

    The problem with the relentless knocking stories is that they never, ever, revisit the topic - so the unenlightened (such as PandaPlodder) are left with their first impression, garnered from the 20 point sub headline viz: RN destroyers set to remain unarmed for years; Nessie Walks into Scottish Pub; Gordon Brown Ate my Pension; Kerry Katona Given Papal Knighthood; ) etc etc
  3. Wait for Dauntless to do the first firing from a Type 45, sometime next month?
  4. I think this forum would benefit from an RN and an RAF sub forum. I've stopped posting on Rum Ration as the forum has become overrun by a hard core of utter mongs who derail any vaguely interesting thread with tales of how the modern RN knows jack. Its depressing to see just how bad that site is now.

    As for the capability, don't under estimate how potent sea dart remains. Its a good missile and has been regularly updated over the years, so the RN has long had a decent AAW capability. However, Sea viper is a massive leap forward.
  5. Casual question, if Opsec allows;
    If more than one 45 are in company(Ha!(1)) do the systems have a method of eliminating 'overkill' ie networking?

    (1) I just assume from the numbers available that this would be rare (some on workup/refit etc, while the others would have to cover the 'rest of the world').
  6. PE4 - To someone in the RN, your question is on a par with "Can tanks communicate with each other by radio?"

    I had my first experience of ships' computerised combat management systems and digital networks shortly after I joined the RN in 1971. Frigate-sized warships and above, and most FAA aircraft, have had encrypted datalinks enabling the replication of the same sensor-fused air, surface and sub-surface tactical picture for as long as I can remember. The assignment, coordination and execution of particular force duties by specific units is bread and butter to naval Warfare branch personnel. However, visitors to ship's operations rooms where all this network-centred/enabled capability is focused are usually amazed at how quietly and dispassionately the various operators, wearing dual-channel earpiece and microphone headsets, perform their combat tasks, even in the heat of action. Loudspeakers are a last resort.

    I'm not saying there aren't the occasional hiccups but my brown and light-blue brethren were always surprised at the comprehensive suites of dedicated secure comms circuits and data links we in the RN have long taken for granted. When I worked in JHQs, I was often asked by pongos and crabs alike if I could send one of 'those signal thingies' to a naval unit to pass to an adjacent land or air unit.

  7. And the huge number of news links pasted by someone up in London, Main Building PR?.
  8. Soleil isn't MB PR - she's someone who does it off her own back, and thats very laudable of her to do so!
  9. ... largely resented by those who prefer to relive "the good ol' days" and bemoan anything newsworthy about the modern RN appearing on an RN community website!
  10. You've forgotten the mass numbers of potential cadets and JR's asking absolutely ridiculous questions. Got to hand it to ARRSE, regardless of your colour of uniform, if you want to discuss modern military affairs, it is easy and has a wide range of contributors.
  11. Agreed - RR is a waste of bandwith now, and achieves very little. The problem is a hard core of about 10 posters who seem determined to turn it into an RNA bar, and scare away any credible naval presence. There are very few RN posters on the site, and unlike ARRSE, which gets taken seriously, RR remains a joke site.

    My personal nadir was watching a female YO turn up on the recruitment forum to say thanks for the advice and guidance offered, and to watch as 2 or 3 old / bold decided to create a 4 page thread about who got to **** her first. Its just depressing.
  12. Many of the questions are so bone they've GOT to be a wind up…

    …haven't they?
  13. I dunno, you bang on about AH Interceptors and I assumed that that's a windup too though ;)

    It can be useful, but there should definitely be a RN forum on here