The secret lives of the babes behind their veils

Worth reading as it punctures a great many sterotypes,,2092-2271742,00.html

“I wasn’t prepared to go through my life pretending I wasn’t experienced. I was bored of the idea of spending the rest of my life having abortions and then hymen repair operations to fake my virginity, hop into bed with the next man I think I love and lie down pretending I don’t know what to do. No way. I know what to do”.

And on a more serious note the preacher refered to Amr Khaled is well worth watching, an interesting man who had his 'road to Damascus' moment in London when he realised Islamic culture & society had to modernise or continue to remain 'parasitic' (his words you shrill liberals).
armchair_jihad said:
I imagine that it does
Maybe - but not a great deal of it. It is such a repressive and oppressive regime that it would be difficult for them to conduct any form of sexual activity outside marriage. In two years in Saudi, I only spoke to half a dozen Saudi Women (I do not mean hold a conversation - I mean say anything at all!) - most of those interactions were behind the walls of westernised compound beaches.

Saudi young men and women are strictly segregated in a primitive and brutal fashion.

That said, friends of mine who nursed women reported rape and sexual abuse as relatively common.

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