The Secret Life of Walter Mitty remake starring Mike Myers

Rumour has it that there`s going to be a Walter Mitty remake starring Mike Myers in 2010. Anyone heard about it? Should be good if he`s in it.
Sorry if it`s been posted before, couldn`t see anything in the search. I wonder if they will stick to the original story?


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Does Austin Powers grow old and turn into......

Jack Livesey?

A military historian who posed as a war hero has been exposed as a fantasist.

Jack Livesey claimed he won the Military Medal while serving in the Parachute Regiment.

The Cambridgeshire author's website boasted: "He joined the Army, where, thanks to his shooting skills, he found himself in the Parachute Regiment.

"This was his life for the next 20 years, including five tours of duty in Northern Ireland, where he won the MM, and the Falklands War, where he served with the 2nd Battalion."

However, the Ministry of Defence confirmed Mr Livesey served in the Army Catering Corps for less than three years.

He was exposed after an ex-Para tipped off the Cambridge Evening News.

Former veterans told the BBC they were upset by the way he paraded his medals.
AlienFTM said:
the_boy_syrup said:
"... five tours of duty in Northern Ireland, where he won the MM, and the Falklands War"
He won the Falklands War (all by himself?) while on tour in NI? Impressed.
It was probably that claim that upset Cambridge's ex-military community rather than "the way he paraded his medals". My mind boggles at the thought of all the offensive ways one might parade one's gongs - perhaps as a bizarre militaria themed Prince Albert?
I much preferred the UK version ' Billy Liar' as written by Keith Waterhouse. The filmed version of the play had a young Tom Courtney play the lead with a host of other 'unknowns' in the cast - Rodney Bewes (Likely Lads) Leonard Rossitor ( Reggie Perrin & Rising Damp).

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