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Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by PartTimePongo, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. Captain Peter Norton GC has kindly consented to do this, as we are aware.

    Guys, we need the committee to be informed, and to have the name confirmed, before some crab with delusions of grandeur sticks his name in the pot......
  2. Is there a protocol for this or do I just phone up the council?
  3. Just phone the council Dozy :)

    Oh....... and ask them if anyone has already been submitted?

    Just in case.........
  4. PTP get off the 'phone! Trying to call you!
  5. sorry that was me. Urgent MODding of forum was needed! Cheers Biped!
  6. So I heard - CNUT! :x

    Latest on Capt Norton as spokesman #2: I spoke with Lesley who has passed my details onto the admin, Brenda. Brenda will call me back to confirm process and if anyone else is registered to speak. PTP is confirming with Mrs. / Capt Norton if HE has submitted a letter yet, else he cannot speak. Will hassle Brenda if I've not heard back soon...
  7. Ok, just adding Captain Norton to the group now, so tidy the place up :D
  8. To
    Subject MO/2007/0863 - 36 GRAYS LANE, ASHTEAD

    Dear Ms. Rogers,

    I have placed a couple of calls to you this afternoon, but unfortunately you have been otherwise engaged, so I hope that this reaches you.

    I wish to submit the following request for 2nd spokesperson (after the SSAFA rep) in FAVOUR of the planning application:

    Captain Peter Norton GC

    Capt Norton has submitted a letter of support for this planning application, as I believe is required, and has asked that I act on his behalf to arrange the spokesman role. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do regarding this application - I can have him confirm his wishes to you over the 'phone / via email, but he is unable to access communications at present.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Yours sincerely,


    PS Please respond cc'ing my personal email address so that I can keep track of our communication.
  9. I just called the council again on the off-chance that Brenda was around - she wasn't but I gave the story to one of her staff who has promised to get her to call me when she's out of her meeting.
  10. UPDATE

    One person has already contacted the council with a request to speak in favour - unfortunately that person is the ARRSE user known as Mrs. Cheeks, of Yellow Ribbon notoriety.

    I've volunteered to speak with her this evening (I knew those diplomacy lectures would come in handy one day! :D ) to ask her to remove herself from the list OR to rein her soap-boxing in. Neither PTP nor I are confident that she'll do either of these, but I can but try.

    Capt Norton is registered as wanting to speak - Brenda assured me that no other process needs to be followed and she doesn't need him to confirm his attendance - so it looks like we just wait.

    The council has my mobile number and work and personal email addresses should anything change and I will phone again on Friday to ensure that they've not suddenly thought up a hoop for us to jump through.
  11. Oh FFS - Someone boot her off it if she doesnt stand down.
  12. di·plo·ma·cy

    skill in managing negotiations, handling people, etc., so that there is little or no ill will; tact:

  13. I'll leave that to you dear. But if she refuses to listen.....resort to violence :)
  14. Speak softly but carry a FOGB stick! :D
  15. 2 things occur ref the spokesbod question.

    If needs be, isn't it put to the vote among those who wrote a letter?

    Tattooedlady is closely involved with Yellow Ribbon, and is allied to the cause. If needs be, and Dozy's diplomacy doesn't work I can ask her to intercede.