The second Cold War?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Nov 29, 2007.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    With Vladimir Putin strutting his stuff in Russia ,supressing opposition and sending up bombers/long-range recconnaissaince aircraft to NATO borders and supposedly instigating the posioning of Alaxender Litvinenko is the West heading for a new cold war?

    If so with Russia likely to ramp up military spending(and be able to afford it easily from oil revenues),will the West be able to counter any likely challenge from Ivan?.

  2. So you want us to write your essay for you, is that right?
  3. oh I Prey To God it won't come to that!
  4. And would it necessarily be a bad thing?
  5. The Cold Wars were bogus; no-one was ever going to get out of bed for a hot one.
  6. It is not the second Cold War exactly but indeed geopolitical struggle between USA and Russia is looming.

    Russia now is the only country that is an obstacle to global American domination in World affairs. The very existence of Russia seriously bounds American capabilities to launch new Iraqi-style adventures.

    For example, Russia is able to support Iran by the most advaced weapons that would cause fameless defeat of the USA.

    Of course, Washington would like to see its Western allies on its side in global geopolitical competition with Russia, competition for influence, for resources.

    Unlikely the allies would be 100% on American side. Many would prefer to be neutral.
  7. Legislative elections are due soon this year in Russia, and presidential elections next year in both Russia and the USA. And now with Kosovo about to declare independence, things may heat up.
  8. Yes, China is just nothing in the big scheme of things.
  9. China doesn't have a sphere of influence that clashes with the Americans'. Russia does, for example Kosovo, Iran, and Georgia.
  10. Kosovo? Kosovo itself is not too important for Russia. But there is unique situation. Any result would be beneficial for Russia. If the independence is declared and Kosovo would be recognised by USA and other EU countries then immediately other break-away regions in Georgia in Moldova would be recognised as independent by Russia. If Kosovo doesn't declare its independence then Russia would be seen as influental enough to be counted with.

    For years 'almighty' USA predicted imminent independence of Kosovo but still it hasn't happened. So the USA is not so 'almighty' as many think.
  11. With all my respect to our Chinese friends it should be said that this huge country hasn't so big nuclear forces as Russia and the USA. China is still a poor country and very dependent from USA from economical point of view. Also fast growing Chinese ecomony is hungry for resources, for oil and gas. And it is a weak point.

    Now it is not a hard tast for the USA to ignore China. But Russia more and more is becoming a headache for Washington.
  12. Recognized only by Russia, which doesn't amount to much. And Serbia would most likely go to war again over Kosovo, with Russian support. Let's say that Kosovo declares independence, Serbia lets it go under Russian pressure, and Russia recognizes Transnistria and the Georgian region, which are anyway run by Russia already. Where is the gain for Russia?
  13. No, but I am sure they have enough to wipe russia and the USA off the face of the earth, which in my book would be enough, any more would be a waste would it not?
  14. Yep, we might get Berlin back as a posting! The Monchers, Club 77, the Irish Harp, the Klo Bar. Bad thing my ass. Just think of the LOA.
  15. Hasn't that always been the case? In saying that though, after years of scare mongering about the famed 3rd Shock Army, when we actually got to see the kit they were using, f*ck me it was sh*t. Talk about 'never mind the quality missus...feel the width'.