The SeaGull & H4H needs you......

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by The_Seagull, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. sponsor me at the Asics British 10k in July.

    All donations go to Help For Heroes.

    If you PM me I'll send you the link to my Just Giving Account. I won't splash it on an open forum due to Persec.

    All donations more than welcome.

  2. 10K???? for someone who used to have trouble with a BFT let alone a CFT it's got to be worth a punt to see you drag your knackered old bones around :D

    Send me the link and some cash will be forth coming for a very worthy cause.
  3. Cheers mate, link's winging it's way to you now.

    BFT wasn't my favourite as it favoured the snake, not the elephant. I didn't mind the CFT so much it allowed me to laugh at the snakes as the weight leveled the playing field.

    ...and bump!
  4. Scheisstervogel...PM the account will you. All the best by the way!
  5. Oh go then - sweat and feel pain you barsteward 8)
  6. Chers R-M & Biccies I will do. Linky on it's way to you now.
  7. Job done!
  8. cheers mate, just saw it. Very Generous too!
  9. Done

    Extra cash on offer if you wear the right rugby shirt for the run!
  10. PM sent. :wink:

    Good luck! :D
  11. bump, hands in pockets ladies and gents please side bets on how far he gets before the heart attack via me please :)
  12. Link please
  13. Cheers mate, very generous. I think your offer of the extra £10 is safe though. Such a garment wouls catch fire the moment it touched my skin.

    Besides I'd look like a balding, bearded Andy Goode!
  14. As long as the side bets go to H4H I'll not mind too much as long as you don't visit me in hospital and swamp my bed. :wink: