The Sea to Sea Cycle Route - Whitehaven to Sunderland

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by buttonsin3s, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Good afternoon fellow ARRSErs, I am looking for some pointers and advice on the above mentioned cycle route, I am planning to do this to help raise money for a friends son who requires treatment in the USA, the cost being £70,000. So has anyone done this? All tips and advice will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

  2. Its long and steep. Most people seem to do it starting on a Tuesday for some odd reason (from Whitehaven)
    There is a C2C website that offers lots of advice on accomadation etc. Remember that once up into the Pennines the route climbs upto 2000 feet and the weather can be quite changeable.
  3. Many thanks jagman.
  4. My husband did it last year but the other way round to you. He did it in 3 days and stayed in B & B's overnight (I can ask him which ones if you like) The scenery was stunning but they did walk up some of the massive hills! There is a book you can buy with all the routes in it also as there are some *cheats* I think. There is a new C to C route opening in September isnt there starting in Morecombe or Blackpool that they plan to do next year - they did coast to castle this year and didnt enjoy that one half as much as C2C