The Scum

Rest in Peace Cpl Wilson - a courageous man.

Just a thought to the Scum, why did you wait for 150 before saluting our brave service personnel? The answer - because nice round numbers represent a landmark for you and the herberts who read your crap.

I was there when the count reached 100 and the media were like vultures. Our men and women deserve better than this.

So, well done Scum - hang on, Big Brother's on the telly, go back to that.

Rest in Peace all of you (Iraq, Afghanistan,NI,BATUS, wherever and whatever your cap badge or service) we will remember you when the rest of them have forgotten.
I second that.

The Scum aka The Forces favourite (Over my dead body), stoops to yet another rounded figure. They should stick to T&A, that's about their limit.

Richard Littlejohn obviously bailed out at the right time.

Who will they back once Phoney-Tony retires???

I can't wait for Two Jags aka the not so smooth talking ships bar-steward to gain a few more column inches.

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