The Scum

Seems that one of their 'reporters' was arrested at Wimbledon yesterday,having obtained a job with Group 4 Security.He's currently in a slammer nearby!!

The Scum seems to want to make the news rather than report it.

Officionados of their antics may remember that when the rather shrill Rebekah Wade(could the registrar not spell?) was interviewed in a Parliamentary Committee,she reportedly told them that she 'paid' for information from the Police.Her remarks are reported in Hansard.

Maybe her reporters need to be sent on Op Zambezi or what ever it is called these days?
The Scum from the Street of Shame.
I had a drink last night with a reporter who specilizies in this part of the world, got their Publication Far East Economic Review, banned for an artical he Penned with another jurno on 'serious matters' in this cuntry.
Decent jurnos do exsist but Murdoch seems to prefere 'Sensation Seekers' then honest jurnolists let alone reporters who tell it as they see it and not as the great unwashed would find entertaining for 5 mins.
Just been watching CNN. It had a feature on Burma (Myanmar) and mentioned a magazine Irrawadei which is anti Burmes gov. The reporter I know works on this publication. He has never let on that it is very political, I was under immpresion it was just another tourist magazine.

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