The Scum Supprting Our Boys

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. Trawling for info on a dead man. I hope you all take note of the email address and tell them what you think of them..

    Mods please move this to the NAAFI if you wish, but don't delete it.
  2. Scum by name, Scum by nature.
  3. In today's edition (Sorry, I didn't buy it-it was in the mess) they were banging on about how the Iraqi Military were given armoured land rovers and how up to '18 of our boys' could still be alive if they had those landies.
  4. Touting for titbits on a day like this, even given the Sun's track record, really does beggar belief.

    They are parasitical journalistic whores.
  5. If the Scum wants a story that desperately,deadlines to file etc, how about sending some people with bottle out with the lads and lasses,see how it is and experience it like the lady from Mr Bliars other fave rag,the Sunday Times. Big respect to her,big respect for the story,shame about her choice of employer. We (non journos) in the real world also don't have the choice of employers sometimes but sweeping the streets in Ulan Bator is leagues above being a journo for der Scum!
  6. You know, as a journalist working for the Sun, I am often asked how I sleep nights? Well frankly I just stuff my pillow with twenty pound notes I anstract from my expense account, drink several large scoops of Scotland's finest and then do as little research myself as I possibly can. I then make up some rubbish and get a good eight hours in before the pubs open again.
  7. I have just fired off this blastogram to the Scum.

    Dear sir
    You have really overstepped the mark, once again. This type of journalism is reprehensible. Frankly you should be ashamed of your lazy, ill-conceived strategies for gathering news on recently killed British servicemen and women.

    You are a disgrace to the profession of journalism and your humanity is also in question.

    In recent weeks your whole approach to reporting "human interest" stories based on British troops has been poorly executed. This is typical of course of a newspaper which can make up an interview with a VC winner's widow, in order to make deadlines or achieve "scoops". How silly of me to think you would have come on in 24 years since the Falklands.

    Frankly if this is the type of support you are offering, then you have only one rival for the position of worst supporter of "our boys" - the government itself.
    yours faithfully etc.

    I doubt they will even consider it before deleting it...
  8. Wait, whats the big issue, they're only asking if anyone knows... ... Oh wait, its the Scum.
  9. that is quite shocking dont the familys have enough to think about without the press hounding them or tring to get information thats horrible
  10. Cuddles, impressed with your eloquent blastogram, personally my one would've been much more brief:

    Dear Scum

    Get one of your lazy arrse hacks embedded 24/7 with a patrol of "our boys" in Helmand, if not then *********!


  11. Whilst the scum are well over the mark i feel the massed 'readers' are after such vaque stories to allow them to feel 'closer' to their boys.

    Afterall, we are the country that had more people voting on the last series of Big Brother (05) than in the last General Election.

    Proud to be British and all that....
  12. the mass readership of the Scum are as detached from the British serviceman or woman as it is possible to be...unless the servicewoman has her jugs out on page 3 or the serviceman is "our Jason"!
  13. Small correction - I think it was the last European Parliament elections that had few voters than Big Brother. The General Election is still higher, but not by much!
  14. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I like others, hate the Scum.

    A pedantic point guru, but if you (as others) support thr position that the Scum do nothin to "support" our boys, could you change your "Location"? You state to be doing the scum xword FFS!

    Hypocritical? You, yes.

    Pedantic? Me' yes.

    Post contains a gazillion errors. I reswerve the right to not correct it and damn you all t hell.

    Except Flashy, he's not bad for a fcuking squalk.