The Scum Sticks the Knife in!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. A Scum story mentioning the SAS without the using 'elite' - amazing! Otherwise, the usual rubbish we have come to expect from this nasty rag.
  2. Very Strange report If you ask me. Would be interesting to read what a real newspaper has to say about that
  3. I think he was SAS sig 264?
  4. To$$ers. How is that news. Can't they have a more sympathetic approach?
  5. c*ck jockeys
  6. RTFQ


    Tom Newton Dunn's own words:

    The emboldened quotes have been highlighted by myself. Can we sticky this thread so we can continue to reconcile Tom's erudite words with the realities of his newspaper's reportage?
  7. I'm (almost) speechless. Reading about this over the past couple of days ( and to be honest, after hearing the bare facts, I didn't go any deeper, I really didn't want to), I've just been struck by how bloody sad this story is all round. It's one of those stories that really make you appreciate the sound of your own kids laughing and playing, makes you appreciate the fact that we do really take so much for granted and makes us realise the hell that some people have to go through.

    There was no silver lining to this story, it was just tragic and heartbreaking.... So what do the press do? (I'm not singling out the Sun here, all the tabloids are as bad) They shovel the dirt onto a family who are lower than any of us have probably ever been just to sell a few more papers. This isn't a 'celebrity' being caught with powder up her nose, or a footballer arrested in a brawl, this is a normal family absolutely in bits. Don't these people have any bloody humanity at all? What sort of heartless and cruel lowlife pulls that proposed story up on to a PC screen and says 'Lovely, that'll do"?

    I would use the 'C' word here if I thought it was strong enough, but I honestly think it isn't. And that has to be a first.
  8. Can someone post the text, work has banned the Scum site
  9. THE parents of tragic Jacob Wragg led a tumultuous life fuelled by passionate sex, heavy drinking, drugs — and bitter rows.

    Former SAS soldier Andrew Wragg was a boozer with an eye for the ladies.

    Mary was a loving and devoted mum but took drugs and drank heavily too as she tried to cope with caring for her terminally ill ten-year-old son.

    Following her arrest after Jacob’s death, detectives found traces of cocaine in the couple’s home.

    Mary admitted it belonged to her.

    A blood test also showed she had been taking amphetamines.

    But Wragg, 38, had developed an even heavier dependency on alcohol. By his own admission he could down seven pints and two bottles of wine in a session.

    The couple had met in Worthing, West Sussex, in 1990 while Wragg was working in the Merchant Navy.

    Mary ... took drugs

    Mary, an assistant pub manager, had been married before. At 17 she wed Gary Nicole, in June 1981. The blonde, a fashion model at the time, was divorced three years later.

    She and Wragg — who by that time had joined the Army — married in March 1992 at Worthing Register Office.

    Wragg was later posted to Catterick, then to Harrogate — and eventually joined the SAS based in Hereford. But he was away for long periods and their relationship was on-off from the start.

    But even greater complications were to follow with the birth of son Jacob in November 1993.

    At first they thought he was fine, but 18 months later the tot was diagnosed with the incurable genetic disorder Hunter Syndrome.

    Victims rarely live beyond their teens. For long periods Wragg was never there to look after Jacob.

    He was serving in either Bosnia, Germany or France. But with Jacob’s condition deteriorating all the time, he was finally forced to leave the service and was discharged on compassionate grounds.

    But there was more heartache. Mary fell pregnant again and their unborn child was diagnosed with Hunter Syndrome too. They decided on an abortion and the pregnancy was ended at seven months when Wragg held Mary’s hand as a needle was inserted into her stomach.

    Two miscarriages followed as Mary tried for another child before their son George was born in 1998.

    The couple then moved back to Worthing. Wragg worked at a video shop — and after three years he set up his own business. But his marriage was crumbling.

    Wragg — who was nicknamed Shag — moved out of the marital home in Worthing in 2000.

    During a three-year split he enjoyed relationships with two women. One, Shelley Ancell, stayed with him for a year.

    Eventually, in 2003, Mary and Andrew began to see each other again — and once more their on-off, stormy relationship was back on.

    Divorce papers which had been served were torn up as the couple tried to patch things up. Then lured by the promise of a bumper salary of £80,000 he decided to go to Iraq to work as a bodyguard and left for Baghdad in April 2004.

    When he returned home, Wragg stayed out all night drinking. The marriage was suffering, and Jacob’s condition was deteriorating badly.

    The defence claimed that at this time Wragg was “at breaking point”.

    He was said to be stressed by the horrors of Iraq, the marital problems — and Jacob’s condition.

    Jacob ... had Hunter Syndrome

    It all came to a head on Saturday July 24 last year. With his marriage heading for the rocks, Wragg went out and spent at least five hours at a social club then a pub.

    Several phone calls were made to Mary, 41, where he spoke of Jacob’s illness. He is said to have told her how he had looked into the boy’s eyes and saw he had no future.

    Wragg also claimed Jacob pleaded with him to end his suffering.

    Mary left the house, taking George with her, and Wragg, fuelled by at least four pints and four double vodkas, returned home.

    He walked into his son’s bedroom, gently laid down beside him and pulled a pillow across his face. After, Wragg said he phoned Mary to say he had “done it” and she returned home.

    The couple were then said to have toasted the dead boy with wine. Then they called the police.

    The pair were arrested. Mary was later released and Wragg was charged with murder. He went on trial in February this year but a jury failed to reach a verdict.

    Mary — who denied any knowledge of her husband’s intent — then agreed to become the main witness for the prosecution in a retrial.

    It was to end their stormy on-off 12-year marriage once and for all — and the couple divorced.

    Wragg left court yesterday with new girlfriend Zuhre Butler, 38, a law student he plans to marry.

    They spent last night at his parents’ home in Sussex and are expected to return to the home they share in St Albans, Herts, today.

    Tragic Jacob was stricken by many of the symptoms of Hunter Syndrome. It leads to progressive mental retardation, deafness, loss of sight and can enlarge the spleen and liver. Skin lesions and skeletal problems are other effects as toxins ravage the body.

    The syndrome is caused by the absence of an enzyme which the body needs to break down complex carbohydrates.

    Truly a sad story. I am amazed even the scum could lower themself to publish this.
  10. Well put that man.
  11. If that was not sensationalism at it's lowest then I'm a monkys' uncle.
  12. It would be interesting to drug test the sun journalists... hypocrites!
  13. ^Not news worthy though is it?
  14. ^Like wife beating really