The Scum in Germany

Probably hit takings, alot of people buy the sun. Why I don't know.

Doesn't this also affect FHM, GQ, Loaded, etc?
Thanks for the link. I looked up some of the classic girls, memories of my yoof.
Sally bash use to turn up in the most obscure places with Tea and stickys when I wuz a lad.
So the Sally Bash won't sell the Scum or any of the other lads mags. No great loss about the Scum, but you can always subscribe to FHM et al.

However if the Sally Bash are concerned about the poor girls being exploited, they might want to take a look in the sex shops and check out the A5's with girls going airtight with marrow sized c0cks! Somehow Keeley on Page 3 doesn't look too exploited in comparison.

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