The Scum - How many readers can we cost them?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by skintboymike, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. I was left fuming when I read the recent cocky message from Newton Dunn, telling us how little our readership means to him. One sentence in particular;

    "...if you don't like what we print, feel free never to read the paper again. We shall not miss you."

    I beg to differ. I have mentioned this to my mum and sister back in UK, who have printed Mr Newton Dunn's reply and showed it to everyone at their respective workplaces; the result so far being that a grand total of 48 people no longer buy the Sun. I myself only used to buy the Sun for paps and Striker, so I feel the sacrifice is a small one. That's 49 Suns that will still be sat on the shelves from Monday onwards. Considering how inconsequential ARRSE and it's readership apparantly is, it's amusing to note that, of these 49, one is still serving (me), and one is TA, who hadn't even heard about ARRSE.
    I appreciate the letter from Tom may not have been genuine, but it matters not. The sentiments in the above quote are all but spelled out in many other recent articles about 'Our Boys' anyway.

    If everyone on ARRSE can highlight this to friends and loved ones (possibly getting them to send a letter to the Sun telling them all about it in the process) I feel that Tom may soon be out of a job. Add your numbers to mine and change the total below. Tom, I hope you're reading this.

    Edited to add; Joe_Squad, I'm not treading on your toes here, and have already voted on your poll. I just think we could do with some numbers to bandy around for posterity.

  2. Yep, there'll be redundancies on the back of that figure.

    Guys, the man is a c*nt, but why are you lot giving him the publicity. Todays 'news' tomorrows fish and chip wrappers.....or wallpaper if you live in Redcar.

    Put it to bed will you?
  3. Phone around and add some of your own then. In the same way elections can be won or lost with one vote, if everyone adds a couple of numbers to the total we'll soon be looking at another statistic.
  4. Security to the NAAFI please!
  5. Maybe today's newspaper stories are quickly forgotten, but the contempt that the armed forces are held in by the country remains constant. You don't see these kind of stories littering the press in America, where the forces in general are looked after.
  6. ok there are more threads in here about that scum than is needed. all you are doing is giving them free advertising.