The Scum at it again, ridiculous

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LawyerSquaddie, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. So why couldn't the Police stop it?
  2. Why do it in the first place? What were they trying to prove?
  3. should have treated the reporters like a brazilian immagrant and done us all a favour
  4. Who in fcuks name do the scum think they are?

    do they have special fcuking powers that stop them being arrested for blowing things up?

    Does this mean that anyone, with the farmers permission, can blow anything up if they so wish?

    What is a newspaper publisher doing with explosives?

    Too many questions not enough answers!
  5. Having just read the news report on the BBC website reference the explosion set off by the Sun newspaper outside Ashchurch Camp.

    I was wondering why these people were not arrested. This would teach the reporters a lesson and hopefully prevent them from carrying out these stunts and publishing alarmist headlines.

    I regret to say this incident has made your force look quite ineffective.

    Have sent this via the gloucester police website i await their reply
  6. Can they not be arrested under something or other? Conspiring to cause explosions? Even breach of the peace!
  7. FFS what do the Sun think thay are playing at, what do they think they are trying to prove?

    There must a law somewhere that can be used against them especially in this present climate.

    Can you imagine what peoples response must have been when they heard the explosion, or did they sens all the local residents a letter informing of them of the stunt to sell newspapers.

    Makes my blood boil, as if the Police don't have enough to deal with at the moment.

    Rant over

  8. I swear to god, there should be a section 69 in civ div. Sort these tree hugging soap dodging fcukin jornos right out.
  9. The Police couldn't stop them because they weren't doing anything illegal. All concerned must have had the required permits etc etc.
  10. Where in gods name do you get permission to blow a car up?
  11. I don't know the rules and regs but I'd think that if it's your car, on land that you have permission to be on and the guy actually blowing it up has the required permits and the safety rules are complied with it's no more a problem than any other demolition job.
  12. Perhaps the next time Rupert Murdoch meets Tony Blair to seek favourable treatment for his media interests and/or a continuing relaxed attitude towards the payment of corporation tax, the PM will take him to one side and have a friendly word in his ear about causing unnecessary distress at this sensitive time. Then perhaps he'll grab him by the arm, twist it up his back, march him screaming to the door of No. 10 and boot him out onto the street and into the gutter, where he belongs.

    Then again, perhaps he won't.
  13. Am I right in thinking that Ashchurch is now home to the new tri-service medal office?
  14. How can you have a permit to blow a car up?