The Scorpian Night Club, Catterick.


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Very sticky carpets, watery beer & Yorkshire puddings with onion gravy ........ so no.


Now two stories less and minus loud music and even louder squaddies, but it does sell Kartoffeln Salat, Frikadelles, Bratties and cheap beer. It now trades under the name LiDL.
No good memories whatsoever. Robbed my money and gave me food poisoning from the minging burgers at the bottom of the stairs. The same stairs that I seemed to fall down every Saturday.
its a bluddy horrible walk back to camp as well when youve spent all your dosh on munters and crap beer..
I was once so pi-ssed at Scabs, that I bought a pie from the shop downstairs and didn't notice that the entire thing was frozen solid, apart from the outside 2mm of the crust.

My fellow A1'ers that shared my taxi said that I ate it like a lolly, all the way back to camp, gnawing at it like a beaver on a tree trunk.

No wonder I had to stop for a sh-it in Rabbit Wood on the CO's run the next day.


Remember that big girl, sorry I meant enormous girl. She did a bit of bouncing (pun intended).

One drunken night on my Class 1 I called her a fat b4stard! Thank god for the course of ED upgraders as they held her back while I was extracted to a safer Mars!

:threaten: :threaten: :threaten:


stax/scabs/scorpion................Doh , bitting of the edges of pint glasses and chewing it to impress NO ONE!!! Drinking strange test tube shots......Crap walks back to vimmy.....but as a junior leader thought it was great...........oh how times have changed......


Vague memories only! It's about 17 years since I was there. Luckily I only ever went there if I was on a course at the then RAF Regt depot at RAF Catterick.

The things you do and the places you go when you are young and pissed!


I think I had shares in the place, first during basic trade training and then on Class 1. Anyone remember one of the bouncers who was a spitting image of Lee Van Cleef?

Fond memories of mid 80's music, John Smith's and shagging any howler available. Oh the happy days of DT500!


Sometimes we'd go into the Colburn Lodge and see Leon Brittan on a meet the people tour.

I went there a lot when I was in RSDT and I always remember being hacked off with the way they increased the cost of the beer as the evening progressed. Bandits!


Winning 5 bottles of out of date brown ale in the entry ticket raffle.

Hot pork pie to go.

Predatory ex pads wives looking for a new dad for their offspring back in Piper Hill.


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About the only memorable night I had there was when some group of tossers tried kicking off with the Gurkhas. Haven´t got a clue what the Gurkhas were doing there, but they provided some class "entertainment" that night :lol:


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Nah mate, this was back in 86. Although, as you said, I wouldn´t be surprised if it happened on a regular basis. I learnt my lesson with the Gurkhas in 90 at 8 Sigs on the basketball court. How can such little guys jump THAT fecking high ?? :wtf:

I was on my Class 1 in 86, and don't recall that, not to say that it didn't happen. I do remember a future Corps RSM bust his hand in the vendors while robbing pies though...
Is this the dump also known as the "Pink Palace" on the road out towards the race course? Utter shit hole but as long as you weren't fussy provided a guaranteed shag from one of the hell hounds from Colburn.

The long walk home of shame....

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