The Science of running the 1.5 miler from 18 to 8 minutes

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Knightwars4, Jun 7, 2012.

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  1. In more detail, what changes occur in the human body with rigorous training (CV or otherwise)? Internally as well as externally. What effect does it have mentally?

    What would be different between an individual who runs the 1.5 miles in 18 minutes to 8 mins or less?

    Final question, why does reversibility occur in the human body? (Losing fitness over time for those who can't

  2. One would be running faster than the other.
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  3. To add a sensible spin to that, how much faster and for how much longer? And why do these differences have an effect on performance.
  4. Try here 1.5 mile - Runners Forum as my advice would be stop thinking so hard and try running harder.:thumright:

    Good luck.
  5. :) Does that conclude this thread then? Damn.

    Edit: How about instead of finishing the thread off whilst it's still young, we have answers to my questions. Proper detail and all from someone in the know.
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  6. Old thread I know, but looks interesting so thought I'd resurrect it and see if anyone else agrees..

    First, and probably most easily. Mentally:

    1 - Increased endorphins, meaning better sense of well being. Proven in studies using phys as treatment for depression.

    2 - Better able to handle stress. (not sure if this is because of above)

    3 - Possibly reduced chance of alzheimers due to decreased insulin sensitivity.

    4 - Character/attitude would be improved due to the daily achievement of goals and doing some hard phys.

    5 - Improved self-esteem from not being a fat ****, ánd looking good naked.


    1 - Increased "robustness" due to increased muscle tone.

    2 - Stronger heart and CV system due to training effect. Would decrease heart disease and the pressure on the heart. Better able to cope with trauma such as puncture lung.

    3 - Better supply of oxygen throughout the body due to increased red blood cell count.

    4 - Improved immune system due to fitness (would have to google this to find proof..)

    5 - Reduced body fat due to higher energy expenditure and increased muscle mass

    6 - most importantly.. reduced visceral fat, and thus reduced risk of, heart disease, strokes, cancer, dementia, auto-immune disease, diabetes and insulin resistance and probably lost more.

    7 - Burning up of glycogen stores and allowing insulin sensitivity to return

    8 - more mobility in later life due to increased strength. (provided you don't blow a knee..)

    Probably lots more, but that's just off the top of my head. The key thing is, if you're running 18's , you are a fat biff eating shit all day. If you are running 8's you are a disciplined (probably) healthy eating in-shape lean, mean, steeley eyed dealer of death, who is much less likely to spend his friday nights cutting himself because his daddy didn't love him..
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  7. no brainer really, once you achieve an 8 minute, 8 minute mile and halfs are easy(so you push for a 7.50)

    you become fitter, stronger and better, soon you will be good enough to become a chosen man.
  8. Quite true. The effort to dig shallow graves is not to be underestimated.
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  9. I am let to believe it is easier in sand
  10. It's even easier when you make such a shite job at digging the shell scrape, a Cypriot grandmother discovers the corpse by following the smell and seeing a body part protruding from the ground.

    Honestly, one day leave a pocket undone, the next day leave a body to be discovered (after battering her to death, fingering her, then stealing her underwear).

    I am truly spent.
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  11. The 1.5 mile PFT is the most basic, of basic fitness tests. I know Cripples that can do it in less than 18 minutes!

    Anybody taking 18 minutes is a useless fat knacker that should be taken down to Ash Ranges.
    A broom handle should be inserted up his arsse, & on the word of command "targets up",..................... targets will fall when hit!

    1.5 in 18 minutes WTF! can WALK it in 10 minutes.

    Proper fitness tests, don't start until you get to a girly CFT.

  12. You can't walk it in 10 minutes. FACT.

    I am recovering from serious abdominal surgery (tummy tuck and gastric band - it was hell - I'm joking...) and the issue I have is doing the sits and push-ups then screws my run effort.

    The QMSI was very helpful, pointing out that the sit-ups "rip" the glutes etc and make it harder to run. When I am low on core stability any way, doing the sits makes it MUCH harder to achieve the required run rate (I managed 13 minutes).


    All the above about increasing fitness, personal goals etc, wellbeing, inner felling of wellness are all true. The disappointment from not being able to achieve the required time YET is quite considerable. I offset this with the fact I wasn't running anywhere this time last year and decided to do the Great North Run for charidee in September last year. Personal achievement - huge. Use in military tests - nil.
  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

  14. Tummy Tuck & Gastric Band?

    Are you in the ARMY?

    Which unit.....the Pie n Ear Corps?