The Scheme

It's like Shameless without the charm! Mind you the only person I can understand is the narrator.

I presume it's in Scotland, they don't sound Welsh or Irish but fuck me, what a horrible planet!

Independence - it's the only answer.


the Scheme is comedy gold!

Feel sorry for that wee five year old Kendal though, she seems like a switched-on smart kid - shame she'll probably grow up to acquire a heroin habit and a teenage pregnancy!
It's like Shameless without the charm!
Isn't it just. I caught the episode where the old bill turn up at a house, and some lad (wrongly) thinks they are there for him so he climbs out of a bedroom window and legs it. An alky is shown is his new flat having been kicked out of his last place for drinking to much, naturally he's clutching a three litre bottle of cider while looking around. A NED chases after his dog, gets nicked and has a pocket full drugs. If Shameless had those story lines, it would be dismissed as unbelievable.
Hasnt the local civic authority kicked off about the way the program portrays the area?

Seems to be fairly accurate to me!
I'm glued to this on youtube, up to episode 4 now. How come they can afford holidays abroad, fitted kitchens and the latest big screen tvs everywhere when they are on the dole? Why does the out-of-work mother never get out of bed to take her daughter to school? What on earth is the lesbian saying ???

I'm watching it with fascinated horror. Just when you think it can't get any worse it does. Sadly it reminds me of growing up in Scotland. I didn't live on a like estate but many of my peers at school did, minus the drugs. You could escape in those days and make something of your life. There isn't even any hope left for those poor souls.

Kilmarnock bus station on a Saturday afternoon is pure entertainment ... if you enjoy misery tourism.


What on earth is the lesbian saying ???
This made me shoot my drink down my nose laughing, miss mcmurray is something else! I think she says something along the lines of "Ah'm a young single searchin' mutherfucker now!" but that's about all I could catch! I think even the most confirmed muff diver would probably have to down a bottle of vodka to go there!

The cunningham family all have facebook and regularly go on the scheme fanpages to fight with people who slag them off which is funny to read.

the ease with which they stroll into new houses alarms me a little - they don't understand the concept of working for a home. chris cunningham gets given a house by a charity, then his girlfriend decides she wants one of her own and goes off and gets a new flat somewhere else at the drop of a hat because she is up the duff... more benefits that way? learned from the parents?

there was a scandal just after it was first shown about annie and gordon cunningham allegedly having split up years back living separately and each claiming their own benefits... they were investigated in the aftermath of the show for benefit fraud as anyone who watches it will looks like they are a couple and living together at that! I mean they even went on hols together!

The only bits I almost couldn't watch were that lad shooting up...quite graphic!
One more question. How much hair dye was used during the making of the series? Pity there wasn't the budget to bleach a certain moustache. Miaow ....
It is Kilmarnock all over.

Nice to see most of the filming is at the Sherriff's Court!
Is it f*ck pal...that scheme is a dive though...I'm convinved it's lowered the value of my house by about 15%!! The worst TV trash ever.
Know a few folk from Onthank pretty pissed off about it made the place look worse than it is by fliming the local spastics.


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