The Scarecrow Trilogy

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by plw1970, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Due to popular demand I am back to brighten the day of all who care to read my thread.

    I know not why but fellow arrsers dont seem to like scarecrows, so I have taken it upon myself to raise the profile of these hard working individuals that roam our countryside, protect our crops from evil crows, they do note sponge from the state nor place demands on housing, they are very solitory and seldom get into trouble.

    So come on folks, lets make today national scarecrow day and celebrate it forever more.

    If you decide you want to own your own scarecrow I have attached a wed link for your interest: :twisted:
  2. Small village near us has an annual Scarecrow Week. They appear all over the place. All sorts - spaceman tramp, Hollywood female 'tramp', plod tramp. Dozens. Very entertaining.
  3. plw1970 I look after my scarecrow very well, i feed him weetabix :D
  4. we had a scarecrow working in our stores once - he liked sleeping in the piles of damp cam nets!
  5. plw1970, are you 36 or closer to 12?

    What's with the fixation? I saw Wersal Gummage on the stage when I was 5, and I found it fcuking disturbing.

  6. Is he any relation to Worzel Gummidge perchance???
  7. Yes, actually. His lesser-known German cousin infact.
  8. Ok I am back on line you will be pleased to know!

    Glad to see so much interest in this subject, I was quite shocked by milsums comments though! You will be pleased to know however, the stage show you saw was done by actors, not real scarecrows!!! :twisted:
  9. Oh feck..not another one...gonna stay right away from this one PLW, I might just lurk instead!
  10. You lurk man if you want, but there will be no canned laughter if you do :wink:
  11. plw1970 I have the distinct impression that you may have done a bit more than 'dabble' with illegal substances.

    Please feel free to correct me if you are merely mentally ill.
  12. define mental TT :twisted:
  13. He is looking for his Dorothy, poor guy needs help and understanding.
  14. Thanx signet, I dont even like heavy mental! By the way signet, have you seen bossyboots?
  15. Signet, the trouble is; he obviously requires rather a lot of help and even more understanding. No Dorothy worth her salt would even entertain the idea of "helping and understanding" this one. He's an attention seeking nutter.