The ScaleyAlbereto Fat Munters Thread (NFSFW)


Now THAT'S what I call a tag team. You can have my husk of a body when they've finished with me, oh, you'll need an angle grinder to get the bloody grin off my face (assuming one of these honeys isn't still sitting on it, per my dying wish).
Even my missus thinks you require professional help, or have you got cataracts?
I have two comments.

1) Imagine what this monster looked like before it lost 150kg.
2) One can but hope she's a rug munching, hairy pie gobbler with no interest in one specific sort of meat and two veg.
You have plainly caught the ghey.
You have plainly caught the ghey.
Let's be blunt here, in this instance any red-blooded male would do go sausage jockey, given the alternative on offer.

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