The Saville Inquiry

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Iolis, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. The Saville Inquiry was set up by Lord Protector Blair on 29 January 1998 to inquire into events which took place in Londonderry on 'Bloody Sunday'.

    8 years, 7 months and £172,000,000,000 later we still have no bloody report!

    Does anyone feel that this has been a complete waste of public money - yours and mine?

    This has to rank in the Guinness Book of Records as the most costly and lengthy of inquiries ever!
  2. For our American friends, that amounts to $324,683,545.45 tax Dollars!
  3. I think you'd better move the decimal point several places to the left.

    £172 BILLION is a lot of money for an inquiry. In fact, off the top of my head I think it's the equivalent of around 50% of all government spending for a year.

    Torygraph put the figure around £400million in July.

    Not exactly chump change, but might I suggest that if you're going to go off on one you might look less of a tw@t if you have some idea what you're talking about. Personally, I hope any final report will disclose where he buys those God-awful gold shell-suits. :wink:
  4. Latest figures I have are £172 million to May 2006. See link:

    Hansard Saville Inquiry

    Money well spent. I think not.
  5. I would like an enquiry into why I never got my life long wish fixed by Jimmy.
  6. Yet, according to the Torygraph, Tessa Jowell went on TV and mentions the figure of £400million. Maybe the difference is the cost of Sir Jimmy's cigars and jewelry?
  7. Perhaps the unaccounted £228 million will come out as "incidental expenses" once the report is finally published. I wonder if we can form some inquiries into military disasters???

    or perhaps Afghanistan, 1842, 1880, 1919, Gallipoli, 1915; Iraq, 1916,
    Dunkirk 1940, Singapore 1942, The Suez Crisis 1955 and the list goes on.

    Failings occurred, and an inquiry was conducted at the time. This is a superfluous exercise at a huge cost to go over ground already covered.

    No doubt, a 1600 page report will be produced in due course, with the majority being a "historical narrative" and a "cut and paste" exercise of witness accounts. Recommendations will be made, which is absolutely pointless, as this set of circumstances and personalities is unique, and this exact situation will not be replicated in the future anyway. A damn expensive history project!!!!!!

    Edited for carp spellig!!!!
  8. I do apologise - too many Zero's!

    I'll have to lay off the 'Stella'!

    My figure was supposed to have read 172,000,000, a figure sourced from a reply to a Parliamentary question in May of this year :oops:

    With OP BANNER now officially over, the report will have little impact but it will still be an expensive history book :x

    Regards and best wishes
  9. Wrong!!!

    Operation Banner officially ends on the 1st August 2007.
  10. Thank you MM. I still do not anticipate seeing this report until the operation is over.

    Regards and best wishes
  11. As a witness, I've kept a better than average Joe's watch on this Inquiry. The depth they went into was almost unimagineable. We (military witneeses) had excellent representation and that must have cost a bomb.
    Pity of it all is that nothing will change. The scope will be such that all sides will be able to pick out bits that support their cause and will rubbish anything contra.
  12. It would have been cheaper just to give the Paras a couple of hundred rounds each & let them work their way through Londonderry, providing of course, that they dealt with that ginger tosser NI Education Minister Martin McGuinness as they went.

    I used to be on the side of Righteousness, but then I wised up & decided that genocide is the only way to resolve any conflict.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    He resigned from what I gather. When he visited the Bangor offices,the locals refused calls to remove U.J's & loyalist flags from the streets so he'd feel 'welcome'. He did'nt get much responce from the staff either! :p
  14. Aye, Lisburn Council is currently having a few problems, apart from the gays insisting on being married in the Civic Centre.

    Firstly, the single wholely unpopular Sinn Fein Councillor is moaning because Lisburn Borough Council fly the Union Flag more often than he would like.

    Secondly, Lisburn Borough Council would like to erect a monument to honour all the UDR blokes who died needlessly while El Knobber Sinn Fein C^nt was undergoing indoctrination at Queen's University. Of course, he is also moaning about that.

    Given that we live in a democratic society, surely if all the Lisburn Councillors vote to give him a kicking then it should be allowed by law. 8)
  15. Apart from the lawyers and hotel trade restrauants and other support trades
    the only winner has been some spam who owned one of the rifles .Supposedely
    paid top dollar for it and given a replacement .