The Satire!

Hi lads. I'm an ex-guardsman living in Edinburgh. If you are a fan of Viz, Private Eye, The Onion etc. Can I ask you to drop by my satirical blog at

comments and suggestions welcome. You don't have to be Scottish but it might help in appreciating some of the pisstakes.


Stag On!
You chaps may like to take a look at my latest.

Link same as above.

If I am found bound and hooded in a will know why.
Aye, no bad.
I appreciate all the hits the site has been getting and thanks to arrse for puting up a link as well.

Please feel free to leave comments on the site. Anonymously if you wish. Personal attacks on the author are welcome and in fact encouraged.


The Satire!
I enjoyed what was there. But, to get it to take off, it will need regular and frequent additions. People will get out of re-visiting if new stuff is not forthcoming. If time is a problem, I would suggest that entries could be a tad shorter?
How regular would you say regular was? Try to put on something every week. More Haiku news items on the way though.

Thanks for the feedback though.
Try for something every week? If once a week were guaranteed, that would be enough. Trying does not hack it. I have a blog and it needs discipline to post. One has to look for a topic and go for it and not wait until some good idea comes into ones head.
At last a new post. Couple more comin soon.

wracked my brains over the current MP's expense's debacle..

to ridiculous already.

Beyond satire.
I was a huge fan. Superb stuff. If I can crank out one article a week I will be doing well. Will try to up the ante. Feel free to contribute to the comments. Incendiary rants welcome.
I don't wish to dampen your enthusiasm (or indeed your commendable propensity for self-publicity), however - 5 months, over 1,000 views and yet only 14 posts (of which 10 are your own) should surely tell you something?

People who feel the need to tell you how funny, witty or amusing they are .... usually aren't.

On the plus side, I have now reduced your percentage of 'own posts' to only 66%. :D
Hi read your comment. Read it again. Didnt get it. Read it once more...nope ...still puzzled. Are you a site moderator?

Own posts %back up again.

Ps. The comments I am looking for are on the bog itself. Not here. If you seen it you know the comments are not for congratulations but for peoples own rants and contribs.

the number of comments here or indeed anywhere are not really telling me anything....are they supposed to?

Enjoyed the Jochen Peiper quote tho.

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