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I had an interesting phone conversation the other day with someone I may soon be working with. He seamed like a good chap and I have no real reason to think he’s a walt, but when I mentioned I was in the TA he then proceeded to tell me how he was a retired officer with the SAS.
I know very little about the SAS but I was under the impression that you fellows are not allowed to tell anyone other then close friends and family that you were once one of “them”.
I’d be interested to know if he’s telling the truth or walting.

For when I next speak with him, could someone PM me with questions and the expected answers so I can verify if he’s telling me porkys. Something along the lines of “what colour is the boat house at X”.
Sir Ranolf Feinnes makes no secret of his past. Nor do Lofty Wiseman or Chris Ryan.........

Telling folk isnt naughty, its giving away trade secrets thats naughty. Also, a lot of the guys have some things best not talked about, and some folk would like to get hold of em for a bit of revenge for this n that, so its a kind of mutual agreement more than a rule or whatever......
My Boss when I was in civi Street was ex SAS, though he didn't shout about it.
He only talked about it when he was drunk. Mind you he was a total lightweight when it came to drink.
He had a nasty night landing by all accounts, which ended that career, something to do with a tree and being upside down in it for a few hours.
Not everyone who says they're ex -regiment is a walt. Too many people are getting "walt happy" and haranging anyone who mentions they were an ex -soldier, be they SAS or fatslinger.

I once got talking to a librarian in Prince Regents library, Aldershot about a certain book I needed for a course. He mentioned he was ex-SAS , he served in the 70's and 80's. He even had a large sqn photo in his office, complete with a younger version of himself sporting the obligatory moustache. He made no secret of the fact he'd once being a member. He gave me no lurid tales of derring-do and I didn't ask him.


Point taken, I just thought it was a little odd to bring it up 5min into a conversation.
I thought that was something that wasn’t allowed, I stand corrected :oops:
He may well be ex-Regt, however it does seem a bit forward to offer up your SF background during a phone call with someone whom you don't even know. But...each to their own.

Way back in late '50s, there was no secrecy at all to the SAS at the time they were in Malaya. They were not then used for 'funny' work but were kept as an elite force apart from regular infantry - something like PARA have been. So, depending on age of the telephone informant, it is feasible that he might claim an association I suppose.
He might be from the good old pre-NI days where you could quite happily be in the army or even the SF without fear of reprisals/scorn/higher bills/lesscover etc etc .......... and so the current climate of watching what you say is a bit alien to him...........
For when I next speak with him, could someone PM me with questions and the expected answers so I can verify if he’s telling me porkys. Something along the lines of “what colour is the boat house at X”.[/quote]

One I have used before when I have suspected someone of not telling the whole truth is a simple one.
Ask them what the STD code is for Hereford.

Works a treat!

the STD code? I don't bother with that stuff, thats what that call centre in Scotland is for aint it?


If he's been out a while it would of changed anyway.
Well worthwhile not making anything of your service record while serving - there's the law to consider. But for all sort of reasons, it isn't a good idea to boast about your past: "I woz a clurk in th' RAOC", "I woz in t'Planks", "I woz Intelligens Corps","I woz CGS, like","Me? Paracommando, mate", "Can't tell yer, all a bit shh, yer knows"; it's all likely to get an adverse reaction whether you're down the Bull or up the Athenaeum. Leave it on the table at your dining out. (But whack it into your CV if you've really done the business - they love it.)
A good mate of mine is Ex-SAS (he's now a SMI Instructor in the ACF) but he does'nt shout about it.Wont talk about it!Een although he does'nt shout or rage on.He does'nt need to.The respect he has earned even from ACF cadets is a testament to him. Even tho he's a good mate,I would'nt like to get on the wrong side of him.
asmallbrownduck said:
For when I next speak with him, could someone PM me with questions and the expected answers so I can verify if he’s telling me porkys. Something along the lines of “what colour is the boat house at X”.
If you do not know the answers yourself, why should you test someone else? It could be you who is the SAS Wanabe for example!!!

No I do not know what colour Y Fronts the 'Regiment' wear back to front on Tuesdays! Nor do I care........

Try http://www.ukphoneinfo.com/section/tci/locator.shtml for STD Codes Old & New!

If some 'person' started to ask me bone questions like this, I'd soon tell him where to get off............................
Alot of the people who go shouting about tend to call themselves ex-sas, but were infact attachments such as cooks and qm's which although do not have to pass any form of selection etc. still get to wear the insignia. by the way i live in hereford and my mobile begins with 07929..., and my home phone begins with 01432 353.... (if that means anything)
Also you could ask him who his Co was, i.e 50's-60's..John Woodhouse. or 70's -80's Peter de la billiiare. Also you could ask him what part of hereford he lives in i.e Whitecross, Moor farm, bobblestock, southside, etc.
(hope i havn't gone over the top!)