The SAS men setting up targets for Rummys killers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Rumrunner, Feb 12, 2006.

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  1. oh dear god.....
  2. typical septics, wanting to grab the glory. But you would too, if he had killed however many thousand of your countrymen/women, wouldn't you?
  3. No, I'd want him caught.
  4. If we killed him that would be the worst thing, he would become a martr.
  5. Ditto that mate.

    the bobby sands of the Muslim world, dont bare thinking about ! or does it !
  6. To be honest, if 100% kosha 'they' are doing what the British Public pretty much expect them to be doing, that is taking the argument to the enemy and dealing with them. Me? I am 110% for it, about time too, far too much politicle nicety going on with this goverment, bring back Maggie!!!

    What I dont want to see is the Jorno splashing it across the front pages, that just puts the good guys at even more risk, gives away too many operational details whether correct or not and warns off the targets. The first time the target should find out is about 0.0000001 nanoseconds before the lights go out ............. and with the spams removed from the actual target ident side of things there is at least a fighting chance that the right one will get taken out!!!

    Free press not with standing, some times it is just better that they do not print some stuff, whatever happend to the old 'D' Notice? maybe its about time that a few selected jorno's went on 'holiday' ........................................... Permently.
  7. Wouold we actually find out if he was nailed?
  8. do you want a fish supper bobby sands?
    do you want a...

  9. Proberly not but in 50 years time yes!
  10. There was a CIA team (Jawbreaker) on the ground that had gotten a hold of an enemy radio and had positvely confirmed Osama was in the cave.Osama nad his guys were getting a right shoeing from coalition SOF and the US Airforce.The team leader of the CIA team requested US Army Rangers days before the opeartion to block of possible escape routes but for unknown reasons that request was denied.Those same escpae routes that the CIA guys wanted to block off what was Osama used to bug out.I got this information from two books written by the team leaders of the Jawbreaker team.
  11. Not really surprising at all. Good to see Mike Smith has published a new book I really enjoyed his "The Spying Game".
  12. Better the devil you know?
  13. Team Jawbreaker eh, don't you just love those names the septics come up with.

    Muzzleflash shadow team out!
  14. smells of BS to me.