The Sappers are full!!

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by littlenickoutthere, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. After a visit to the afco this morning to rejoin as a sapper after a f*ckin retarded decision to DAOR last january in basic i was told that the fine Corps are pretty much full and theres a vry slim chance of me ever getting back in. He suggested the infantry would get me a place if i wanted. Ive got a interview friday before he sends off the application to glasgow and im just wonderin whether you lot think its worth me still trying to push into getting in the sappers rather than changing to an infantry cap badge(most likely PWRR)
  2. The TA has vacancies (lots of) if you want to dabble while you're waiting for a full-time slot to crop up.

    Who knows? You may get to prefer the idea. :)
  3. its definately somethin ill look into, leavin the first time really f*cks your life up tho. I think i might push it and still try for an application to the engineers if that gets rejected it may be infantry or something i dunno, im just craving to get back in
  4. More like the ACIO has quotas to fill....
    Not full in the slightest! Stick to your guns and look for the info on rejoining, you should be able to virtually walk back into the same job within a certain time frame.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Stick to your guns if you want to be a Sapper. The ACIOs are under pressure to fill infantry slots, but if you are grading high enough on the tests to be eligible to be RE then stick with it.

    Try emailing the Corps recruiting team direct:

    for ground truth on the manning situation.

    See also the contact details for the Corps recruiting team here at the bottom of this web page:
  6. Nice one lads, should be good, like i said ive got a rejoining itnerview friday so ill get em to send off to glasgow for me to go back in the engineers, i havnt got any problems grades or fitness wise, got out because i needed to grow up a bit, altho according to this discharge certificate my conduct was exemplary
  7. just spoke to the online recruiting team, they said there are vacancies from the 1st of april for my trade, so ill be sticking with it and become a sapper once more, how i will miss lichfield, pity thy are closing it
  8. Are they closing it or just turning it into something else?
  9. Good luck with it. Welcome back. (assuming you do get back)
  10. haha nothins gunna stop me gettiin back in, ive kept my fitness n stuff up, cant wait. As for lichfield i think they were closing it then changing it to a medical centre for civvies or something. Hopefully bassingbourns alot better, i.e cheaper naafi
  11. Good luck lad.

    Although I must admit I only looked at this topic because when you named it "The Sappers are full!!" I thought it was about taking the p**s out of pie eating POMs.
  12. Good luck - sod your fitness - get your drinking up to scratch or you'll be fooked!

  13. Well considerin i live but 15 minutes from chatham do you think my drinkings gunna really be that shite? nothing better than a saturday morning run followed by last nights pints
  14. I agree.
  15. you took daor in basic--so wasting a training place---if you re enlist i think you should pay for your basic training----couldnt hack it before---whats to say you wont bottle it again