The Sapper Shop

The Sapper Shop run by Corps Enterprises in Brompton is now stocking "Pull Up a Sandbag" for anyone who may not have read it and are currently on course in Chatham, you lucky people...

For any serving or former Sappers who may not have ever seen the Shop or its' website you can view it here:

The Sapper Shop Linky

[align=center]The Sapper Shop

The only official online shopping website for the Royal Engineers.
Owned by the Corps for the Corps.

All profits generated by sales are gift aided to the Royal Engineers Central Charitable Trust at the end of each financial year.

Good to see you have stickied the Sapper Shop, I was amazed when seeing it online just how many decent items they have in there... Quality Figurines, the like of I'd never seen before until I looked at their Shop ...
i bought my 22 year dining out presentation piece from the sapper shop, no complaints from me.
D.M. from Corps Enterprises (Sapper Shop) has been excellent with us with regards the book... for any Sappers/former Sappers who have never been in the shop or seen it online you should have a ganders at it, some excellent items.

Bought my copy of Follow The Sapper by Gerald Napier, now that would be the best leaving gift item any Sapper would want!
Got your book ages ago, waiting for the sequel now :wink: but thanks for the link, Im not a serving Sapper anymore :( so it comes in handy.
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