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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Queensman, Aug 22, 2012.

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  1. The Sandhurst Foundation - has anyone here got first hand experience of this lot? Or, indeed, are you a member? It's only a tenner a year to join, but is it worth it?

  2. Nice tie though.
  3. There is a very lengthy debate in the RMAS pages on Linked in about the future direction of the Sandhurst Foundation.

    As an ex Officer it would be useful if it championed the value of military leadership to the wider world. I am not convinced that the Sandhurst Foundation can have any role promoting leadership skills in the serving Army, unless its a euphemism for raiding whatever is in the Foundation coffers to subsidise Officer training. ;)
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  4. I've been back to Sandhurst for a few evening lectures. Took some colleagues with me, some involved in executive leadership development for my FTSE 100 company. They were all very impressed with the cadets, the institution and the lectures (one notable one on the stress of leadership drew on a recording of the speaker leading his company under fire on Herrick after his dictaphone accidentally activated-inspiring) even just one event makes the £10 worthwhile. However, I await the change in direction with interest.
  5. Lengthy, but dull. You could shorten it if that bloke stopped telling his life story and lost the massive chip on his shoulder about the REME.

    I can't really see what the Foundation is honestly for. It's like they realised they didn't have one, set it up and filled it with a few jolly nice RO types, gave it a very modest income by insisting cadets joined, and are now waiting for inspiration. No world-beating ideas in that thread, either.
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  6. There is a value for reserve and ex officers in having an organisation which acts as a champion for the values of leadership developed by RMAS. The wider world is full of organisations promoting their culture and ethos, and by extension the value of their alumni to employers. Ex officers and reservists compete for employment with people who are alumni from business schools accountants , lawyers, management consultants or blue chip companies who claim that there is something special about the training and ethos of their staff.

    There is a pecking order in the commercial world and employers are more likely to shortlist a candidate from, say Mckinsey than from businesses which do not have a reputation for thought leadership in their field. It must help if someone is out there plugging the value of the RMAS leadership approach.

    I suspect it is gettign harder and harder to find employers whoi understand and value the ethos of leadership. For several decades years after the Second World War, employers were run by people with their own war experience. Since 1979 the dominant model has been to apply a market model to almost every situation. RNMAS is rare in developing leadership skills that do not rely on the offer of bonuses and the threat of replacement.
  7. Let's see how Tranches 1 - 4 get on then!
  8. Ha Ha
  9. I was gassing with a retired two-star yesterday who'd previously had some association with RMAS. He described the Sandhurst Foundation as a 'life support system for a fridge magnet.'

    Work to do then...
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  10. Ooooh, book now (£60) for a chance to dine and listen to Kate Adie. Wow.

    No apparent irony in the invitation, but hopefully a few people will save their bread rolls to lob at the woman.
  11. What's your beef with Kate V_M? Were you not able to get 'acquainted' with her on a previous occasion? ;-)
  12. God no. But if I were casting around for top-notch correspondents, she wouldn't be near the top of the list.
  13. ...and that's as far as the Sandhurst Foundation got in its deliberations, I expect.
  14. Caecilius

    Caecilius LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    They probably need the money. When I saw the accounts (published in the back of the Wishstream) it revealed that the Sandhurst Foundation makes no profit (and sometimes a slight loss) even with significant income from renting out RMAS property for weddings and other functions. Given that my £10 was advertised as being used to help maintain the buildings, I'm a little irritated to discover that RMAS would have more money if they closed the Foundation overnight.
  15. Yes, but keeps people with comical names in employment?