The same old routine.

When I worked in Oman they used to say that Omani foreign policy was written in Downing street.
Now UK foreign policy seems ta cum from Jeruslum via 1600 Pennsalvainia Avenue.
Big yawn...



The sooner they learn this lesson, the sooner we'll all get along. Slightly right, but thats just me!
ON THE streets of High Wycombe, where the police are searching a number of addresses in the anti-terrorist operation, a young Muslim called Amir denounced all talk of terrorism.

September 11, he declared, was not an act carried out by al-Qaeda suicide bombers. It had been proven to be the work of the United States Air Force.

In Birmingham, where police also arrested suspected Islamist terrorists, Mohammed Naseem, the chairman of the city’s central mosque, said that there was no proof that the July 7 bombers were British Muslims. This week’s arrests, he added, have left him saddened and annoyed.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, which appears as an advertisement in The Times today, Dr Bari and other Muslim leaders state: “Current British government policy risks putting civilians at increased risk both in the UK and abroad.” The letter adds: “To combat terror, the Government has focused extensively on domestic legislation. While some of this will have an impact, the Government must not ignore the role of its foreign policy.”

Shahid Malik, the MP for Dewsbury, told The Times that the challenge facing the Muslim community was to face up to and face down the threat from within its own ranks.

Mr Malik, one of whose constituents was Mohammed Sidique Khan, the 7/7 ringleader, attacked the Muslim Council of Britain for failing to tackle extremism. He said that many figures within the council, the national body that purports to represent British Muslims and which is frequently consulted by Downing Street, were reluctant to tackle the threat posed to the community by extremist elements.

“The MCB has not challenged extremism in any regard since July 7,” he said. “It has been very good at an advocacy role on behalf of Muslims, usually blaming the Government, the police, the politicians. Sometimes that is justified. But it has been unable to look at the challenge of extremism, acknowledge it and deal with it.

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I know High Wycombe was a surprise was when there were no demonstrations at the nearby HQ Strike Command after the "Enduring Freedom" thing ("Enduring F*ck-up?") kicked off....perhaps the bad weather at the time had something to do with it!

There was no sign of the nude women protesters that plagued PJHQ in 2003 either.... :cry:
What's your point Muzzleflash? Quit with the enigmatic one liners and say what you want to say. Of course the Asian communities have an obligation to try to counter the extremist arguments and report any potential terrorists in their mist, and of course Blair's decision to invade Iraq alongside a madman who used 9/11 as a phoney excuse to finish off his Daddy's war has p*@@ed off a lot of Muslims. What is it you really want to say?
Mick you really are an angry young chap aren't you.

Anyway, what I was s.a.y.i.n.g is that a lot of people in this country are getting pretty fcuked off at hearing the same old shite coming out from the Muslim community, in particular the worn line that these poor young lads were forced into taking this action as a direct result of the cruel and evil foreign policy being pursued by HMG.

Forced? my arrse, nothing will ever justify what these scum were planning.

With regards to Bush's "phoney excuse" for going to war as you so nicely put it, I can pretty much guarantee that you never knew anyone killed the day that those "misguided young chaps" flew 3 aircraft into their designated targets.

So there you go Micky Lad, that's what I was saying.
Muzzleflash, Mick is a lot more clued up and influential than you give him credit for. Don't patronise him.

I have just come away from a meeting, where i made some enemies in the Islamic community. Run away mouth? Yep.

It's as simple as this. Before you people ask for support from the greater British public, try condemning first, with no reservations or caveats.
PartTimePongo said:
Muzzleflash, Mick is a lot more clued up and influential than you give him credit for. Don't patronise him.

I have just come away from a meeting, where i made some enemies in the Islamic community. Run away mouth? Yep.

It's as simple as this. Before you people ask for support from the British people, try condemning , with no reservations or caveats.
here here that man.
I agree entirely that they should be condemning with no caveats and frankly I have heard a lot of that going on, but given the attitude of key decision-makers within the US administration and the willingness of our great lord and master to hold their hands while they first of all f@ck up Iraq and then stand back and let Israel beat the sh1t out of the Lebanon, it is no surprise that the Muslim community, who naturally feel angry already over Palestine - Jerusalem is after all one of their holiest shrines - point to this as a motivating factor.

That it doesnt justify it is obvious. But while Blair denies it, pathetically frankly, it is obvious that this is what drives these stupid kids who think it is somehow clever to murder people. Of course some of the more radical community leaders throw it back at Blair in a "yes we condemn but fashion" but for the vast majority, who do condemn but you and I dont hear about, it is not a caveat, it is just a point that needs to be made.

There is undoubtedly a feeling among the vast majority of Muslims that they are underfire over this when they did nothing but make their homes here and get on with their lives. There is a lot of talk about lack of integration but actually the Pakistani community has by and large integrated into society, we've got one of them playing in the current test series against Pakistan, we get our milk and bread from them when we run out at odd hours of the night.

They say a picture paints a 1000 words. Well look at the two pictures on this webpage. You'll have to scroll down but it's worth it for the point it makes.
PTP, no dramas with all that, however .... not for one moment am I going to start saying that the mass murder these individuals were planning is as a direct result of UK foreign policy.

Oh no your honour, what they were intending to do has zero excuse and let's hear a bit more of that coming out from our Muslim friends.
We posted at the same time Muzzleflash. You're right to say it has zero excuse and UK policy certainly doesnt justify it, but to say it is not the direct result of UK foreign policy is I'm afraid just plain wrong.

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