The Sally Bash Van

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by maninblack, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I can remember, as a young soldier, when the Sally Bash van used to turn up at the barracks in Aldershot serving tea and selling buns and sarnies mid morning. In the mid 80s the Sally bash pulled out and the two women bought the van and went private.

    Does anyone know if this tye of "Sally Bash" still exists?


    MiB (who always liked the cheese rolls and the iced finger bun)
  2. yeah, PAY-AS-YOU-DINE naafi in elmpt have a couple of vans and have kicked any other competition into touch, sadly the church army or sally bash vans are few and far between , although there may be one or two still driving around sennelager after taking a wrong turn!
  3. oh the memories... 432 maint in the paddock (which was soooooo unusual in the 80's...not) builders tea and a brace of rolls from teh sally van. good, honest and most of all .... cheeeeep!
  4. Come to 'sunny' Bovington....there's a whole fleet of them here(still excellent value for money!) :lol: and they normally visit twice a pie eating jokes thankyou :D
  5. Not forgeting 'Wolfgang' and his blue van...... that guy went everywhere on the training ground, never saw him get bogged in and the scoff was 'god like' mind you anything compared to 4 weeks solid on menu 'B' ......
  6. and he knew exactly where you would be as well!
  7. Was in Aldershot a few years back, and they had a van come round for NAFFI break
  8. Had the same at catterick a few years ago , they sold mince beef pies in a bread roll!! Strange i think .
  9. Good old "Wolfgang" was normally in the bivi area before we were.
  10. The Sally Dosh wagon is currently doing the rounds in Poland at Drawska Pomorskie. Double egg and bacon grill sarnies anyone?
  11. Wolfgang once did a full Coy attack with us. We were doing a large battle group demo for some visiting boxheads. Bridge kit and fascines layed, batsims and lots of warry 432s, Chieftans and periferal kit lined up waiting for the off. H hour arrives and off we charge to defeat a load of 'enemy' with combats turned inside out. Tanks charge across the brigde, taking up positions plus of crossing, Coy moves out with point platoon leading the way. L37 gunners blatting rounds left right and chelsea, batsims, smoke and all. All we needed was the Ride of the Valkyries playing. Following up in between 7 and 9 platoon was a blue Mecedes van, bell going like the clappers. He took the fascines instead of the bridge and arrived at the objective before the Coy commander! On the reorg, the Coy took up all round defence on the van as he got his boiler fired up and opened his hatch. Bratties and Frikadela all round- Boss paid. You just dont get this sort of allied support nowadays!
  12. I'm sure wolfgang sat on every "O" group. He had a canny knack of not getting bogged in unlike the rest of the BG
  13. The Sally Ann wagon that used to pitch up on Ash ranges was always a welcome sight. I can remember asking for a cheeseburger one day and thinking I was a cocky young tom I asked the old girl whether it was 'helmet cheese' or chedder..........." 100% helmet cheese love" said the old bird................we still keep in touch.
  14. The god squad still run a van in Tidworth, when the crazy doris that drives it isn't crashing into the camp gates.

    I remember being told that Wolfgangs missus worked in the training area HQ or some such, so probably knew where we were all supposed to be going long before we ever did.
  15. Is that Bratty wagon still outside the main gate at Gutersloh of a weekend night?