The sad truth

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by themaadone, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. The sad truth about being a soldier intodays army is that you are the most highly trained expendable ever!

    Irrelevant of trade or qualifications, you are expected to die for a measly wage and also if not dead - to live on an ungrateful pension. The argument, that the pension is better then offered by civilian counterparts does not pull as there are few if any who run the risk of death, dismemeberment etc like in the armed forces!!!

    Well, theres my 2 Ps worth!!!

    The fishing and construction industries have a high risk of fatality - to the extent where it's only mass deaths that rate a mention in national newspapers. And no prospect of receiving a pension at 40! :)
  3. <post retracted>
  4. There are jobs that are equally as dangerous, and it's not like you're in extreme danger all the time. In my experience (admittedly, as a REME tech), most of the time you're doing triv jobs and training.
  5. If I had considered money and benefits when I chose my career I would have gone into computers (yes they had them way back the....big ones)
    You meet people who you will know for the rest of your life, people prepared to watch your back. it is a bloody good life and a bloody good laugh (mostly)
    if you think any different then get out now. You may get crap pay crap kit and bad press but nowhere else will you ever make such a difference as you do now and that is what it is all about making a difference.
    get a grip suck it in and make us proud you spaceman(oh god there's geordie mac again)
    and that is my two penneth :roll:
  6. [posted, then retacted when i got off my high horse]
  7. the_butler says:

    "If I had considered money and benefits when I chose my career I would have gone into computers (yes they had them way back the....big ones)"

    I work in computers and the money is crap and the benefits are even crapier!

    Yes there are the rich guys who earn whopping money out of computers, but these guys are weird! They have no personality and have never even probably climbed a tree in their sad life.

    I am trying to get out of the computer, brain dead, bored out of my brain world! Some of the people I work with are ok, but the majority are geeks, no personality what so ever. They scrub there arse’s with a nail brush and they are as wooden as Pinocchio’s nose. Believe me they are not the sort of people that you would want to spend your working days with. I would love to send these overpaid computer geeks out to Afghanistan or Iraq and watch them sweat. It takes a man to be a soldier, sailor, ect. My 2p’s worth :)
  8. If you were a soldier before 1978 you stood the same chance of copping it (Malaya, Cyprus,Aden, Korea, NI) and unless you did the full 22 years you came out with no pension. I did Aden ,Cyprus and NI , served 15 years and get nothing. It's the way the cookie crumbles. Mind you I'd hate to be DISMEMEBERRED. Incidentally you aren't expected to die , that's why you're trained.
  9. i agree with above guy

    sorry mate forgot to look at the name Doh moment

    afterall the aim of war isnt to die for your country its to make the enemy die for his