The SA80 left hand and right hand firing?

I remember reading the Men Of Harlech magazine a few years ago and there was a picture of a guy on exercise with a left handed A1.
I strongly suspect that he'll be wearing his watch on his right wrist, and any writing in the picture will be back to front...

(picture editors have been known to reverse photos for "artistic" reasons)
Some of them are in the Warminster collection.

To be fair, there were probably practical safety reasons to consider: imagine grabbing a spare gat to fend off an attack in a typical Afghan situation, then having your teeth smashed out because the gat happens to be one of the 10% or whatever left hookers..?
Lets be honest, if there was a real requirement to have a left handed version and the 10% of cack handers shot more accurately you may not end up in that situation; but also if the circumstances were so desperate that grabbing a rifle from a casualty were required then losing a couple of teeth would be at the bottom of your list of worries.

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