The SA80 left hand and right hand firing?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by RedArmyGeneral, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I know that it is widely said that the SA80 can only be fired from the right hand shoulder but did anyone see the Daily Mail today with the picture of the Para firing from the left shoulder?

    I just thought i'd share this as i didnt think you could actually do it.
  2. Haven't seen the pic, however, might just be that the negative was reversed before printing. Artistic License and all that......
  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    you sure he was actually firing and not just posing? alternatively they may have reversed the pic...

    Link maybe?
  4. It'll be a reversed photo. Check his TRF for confirmation
  5. I thought that as well. But look at his wings and his recog flash they're on the left shoulder. As well as the fact that all the working parts for the sa80 are also on the wrong side.
  6. Where is the picture???
  7. daily mail.Am trying to find it online right now.
  8. I have seen the picture also,but am such a mong with computers that there is no chance of me giving you a link,sorry.

    Picture looks correct tho..........
  9. These guys firing left handed must have retracted jaws or something (or SUSAT right back on the bracket).
    I tried firing it once left handed the bruise and cocking handle indent on my chin kinda told me it was a bad move and that was with the SA80 A1 with the size and shape of the A2 ccking handle not sure I would want to try it again to find out if it was possible!

  10. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Given the fact that BeastAppreciationSociety says his wings and DZ flash are on the left arm and all the working parts for the weapon are on the wrong side (I can't find the photo) - I'd go with the view that negative was reversed before printing.
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  11. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    It seems to be the right way round on their web site
    Daily Mail
    Newspaper (invariably tabloids) "mirror image" pictures of people in order that they 'face in' toward the centre of the page. Sometimes the photoshopping required to make the writing on logos etc. read correctly after having reversed the image, is quite extensive. This is an old practice that still lives on in a surprising number of papers, the Sun & News of the Screws being habitual offenders.

    edited to add: I just noticed that the Paras in the picture (which is titled Paras in Afghanistan) are 2 Para and are wearing temperate DPMs. Shurely shome mishtake - ed?
  12. When I fired the L98 with cadets (I know - i'm not a bleedin expert on the SA80 just cos I shot the cadet version but hear me out, wolves! Thankyow) we were told it couldn't be fired in the left hand because the empty cartridge is ejected on the rifles right side. If shot with the left hand the cartridge ejects into your face.
  13. Original post says 'firing', guy in your link is carrying, might be different story.
  14. The problem is less the cartridge more the cocking handle that comes back to your chin as has already been said, although possibly if the rifle is held at an angle with the cocking handle and ejection port facing down it could be fired from the left shoulder.

    Ill let someone else try it first though!
  15. The weapon's working parts would also have to be reversed - the firing pin retaining pin for example, would make the bolt impossible to put in if it were on the other side (it would have to be on the other side in order to eject the round). Therefore, the carrier would have to be reversed, along with the bolt, along with the main case.

    There is NO mod or part number for a left handed SA80 A2, just the same as there is no skirting board ladder!!