The SA80 is a good assault rifle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TooGoodToWalk, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Propositions…

    "It is now a very reliable combat weapon"

    "The rifle is not heavy or out of balance"

    "As a battle rifle for an infantryman it now appears to be just fine"


  2. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    maybe heavy but agree with the other points...
  3. Agreed...

    The SA80K is good too.
  4. It is reliable. But these days reliability alone doesnt make it a good weapon.

    My favourite is the M16A2 and its derivatives. Reliable and easy to handle.
  5. and with more airsoft features eh?
  6. Yeah, you can get the UBGL, red dot, laser, scope, collapsable stock, bipod, vertical foregrip, tac-light, mag clips, tactical pistol grip...walt's dream!
  7. Given the amount of fighting in someone's house that is going on at the moment, I am surprised that there is not more call for a rifle which can actually be fired around the left side of cover properly...
  8. I think the bullpup design is a ridiculous concept altogether really.
  9. This is the basic flaw in the SA80's design IMO.

  10. the A2 is Starting to show signs of not being as reliable as first thought.

    the TMH insert housing has been strengthed to avoid cracking, and now it only cracks in one specific place but more often :lol:
  11. But even after a redesigned version they still seem set upon converting up to 10% of the army to using there right hand and shoulder instead of what comes naturally.

  12. So will we see an A3 that really, really, really will get it right this time? :?

  13. Nope. The weapon will be replaced within 10 years.
  14. The army has never catered for left handers, not even when the odd grenade gets lobbed in the wrong direction by a bloke carring out the correct drills & lobbing it at the control tower:)
  15. A friend of mine has also been making up A2 cocking handles in solid metal for squaddies because the plastic bit cracks and breaks off leaving a tiny little sharp nub with which to operate the weapon.

    The fact that all is not rosy in A2 world was laughably predictable, and I hope the MoD lives to regret all those press releases full of glowing praise.

    If it was my choice, I would have bought C7's and C8's off-the-shelf like the Dutch and the Danes did.

    Come to think of it, if I remember correctly, in the rather dubious MoD reliability trials, the AR 15-type rifle family was represented by the M-16 A2, and not the C7. I wonder why? Perhaps the fact that the C7 is more reliable than the M-16 A2 has something to do with it?