The S-word

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Random_Task, Apr 12, 2006.

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  1. glad to know my liecense fee isn't being wasted reporting on non stories then!!
  2. Good to see some of ARRSE's favourite words come 3 & 4 in the list of ten worst words!
  3. Was going to start this thread.

    Is it childish to admit i giggled at the top ten worst words!

    Good on Tiger.

  4. Did anyone see Dalziel and Pascoe last night? A small part of the episode was given to the use of pc in the workplace, and I was glad to see that Dalziel didn't have any of it.

    So is spav like spiv? If it is, I don't think they'll be letting me play in the masters next year.
  5. I fecking love those goofy basterds!
  6. "My boyfriend uses this phrase - it seems to be the 'new thing' to say where he works! It really offends me and I have to keep moaning at him. I have a lot of disabled friends, and this phrase just implies that all disabled people are put into 'special buses' to be taken to places - and that all disabled people are only capable of 'window-licking' because they do not have the mental capacity to act any differently. Arrrgghh! It makes me so angry ... and anyway, what is so wrong with window-licking?"

    Taken directly from the site - any of you lot responsible for this gem? :lol:
  7. Really kind of them to include the "top ten":

    1. Retard
    2. Spastic
    3. Window-licker
    4. Mong
    5. Special
    6. Brave
    7. Cripple
    8. Psycho
    9. Handicapped
    10. Wheelchair-bound

  8. what about the perennial favourite "JOEY" :?: :?: :?: :?:
  9. remember sticking your tongue under your bottom lip and making MLAAAAR noises or is that just me?
  10. I recall it being accompanied by a dance.
  11. Didn't see drool speckled thrasher mentioned anywhere.
  12. As 'spaz' is no longer an acceptable term to describe someone who is 'mentally challenged', surely it would be wasteful for us not to use it as an insult?

    Ditto for the rest of Dread's top ten, otherwise we will be losing a part of our language and heritage forever...
  13. Although it does mean that there's clearly room for improvement. Time to double your efforts, chaps.

    Where's "Spakker"?