The S-ex Files

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Well, old Mulder has checked into rehab claiming he's obsessed with sex - can't get enough of the stuff - seems life is imitating art as that's just what his character in the Tv series Californication is going through - [ transference maybe - method acting? ] ' course that just may be a subtrefuge to get away from the missus of 11 years, Tea Leone, who is not much of a looker in my books and an ever crappier ' thespian '...

    Big trouble is the US Psychobabble Groups can't decide if Sex ' addiction' is real or a pseudoscience.. It isn't in the official handbook as an addiction.. like drugs or alcohol or homocidal tendencies...

    An ' unnatural ' predeliction towards sex hasn't be codified and isn't like paedofilia or other such like bits.

    and, according to one leading boffin: " it may well be that..sexual compulsivity..needs to be treated...But, I want people to distinguish those people , who are in a very small minority, from the person who likes to masturbate every day, or from the person who likes to have sex with his wife twice a day "

    to which I say, hear ,hear ! and whew - as that gets me off the hook for expensive medical treatment my HMO isn't likely to cover.

    Now do I wait to go grab the wife when she walks in from the shopping or retreat to the den with my porn stash and a wet wipe? [ what do they offer in rehab to 'wean' you off your addiction? -is there a sex equivilent to methadone? ]
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    Mulder needs to go and find himself a hill in the middle of nowhere (he knows where) and get himself teleported up to one of his X-Files spaceships. He'll get all the sexual experiementation he needs on one of those, and it'll make a good episode.

    It worked for James T. Kirk - his b!tches were green!