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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jamesturner88, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Hey,

    Just wanted to bring to everyones attention the cinematic genius that is the Rite-in-the-rain demo video from the RVOps guys:

    Oscar winning im sure, good effort from George to! :D

  2. Who's George???
  3. damn works security filter
  4. The mysterious camera man :?
  5. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I'm guessing he's ex-forces judging by the method of delivery. :)

    Demonstrates a very good product though, should do it for all the other stock. Well done.

    I prefer this one though:
  6. Where's Wally ?
  7. Hi All
    Many thanks for the encouragement. George is my daughter, age 12, who was seconded i.e. dragged up on to Dartmoor to help me out. The second half was shot by Scott. Look out for a Hennessy demo on your screens soon. George says, with a big grin, thank you - no stopping her now!
  8. Alternatively you can order the same paper and note books through the stationary.
  9. Nice one ! So that's what Dartmoor looks like when it's not lashing it down ?!

    Any chance you could get some more military mannerisms/sayings in the next one ?!
  10. LOL i mentioned the term, ''pursers issue'' (thinks thats the correct way of saying it? on the hammock demo, but Scott who's ex Army had never heard of it, so we re-shot it! Military Rite in the Rain products arnt, to my knowledge, available through any stationary stores however we do supply plenty of Military Retail outlets. This said we are in discussions with Banner Supplies, so all being well you should be able to get the product through the system soon. Incidentally we demoed the product to ITDU who were blown away by it.
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I still prefer the "idea in the shower" demo.

    The note books available through Banner have hard red plastic covers and come in lined or grid paper spiral bound. Can't remember the brand name but they are FREE. Which is good for a tight northern git like me.
  12. I wish I needed a waterproof notebook. I keep getting the other places that don't need them.
  13. Well thats two of us, Northern Gits that is, but the difference is i wouldn't have wanted to carry a red and white aiming mark around with me. Mind you i guess, to a degree, it depends what job your doing and who your working with? The RITR shower demo was good, but unfortunately didnt demo anything but the note book. RITR also produce laser copier paper which allows individuals to laser copy notes onto waterproof A4 RITR paper. Finally the plastic note book you refer to is non biodegradable. Now i dont want to sound like a cabbage eating, long haired, sandle wearing hippy who has children called Sage and Onion, but anything we can do to to help the environment has to be good?
    Que: If it was available through Banner, would you prefer the RITR or the Red and White plastic notebook. Once again thanks for the feed back :D
  14. Finally these are available in the UK I used to have to get a USAF friend of mine to get me them, they're awsome when your doing your night attack right flanking up the river in Brecon lol!! :lol:

    I swear by them, but then who the fcuk am I anyway? :D
  15. about time , I remember using Izal bog paper and a 2B pencil years and years ago