The Russkies are back!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. Why are they spying on us? Are they looking for intelligence on how not to equip and run their Armed Forces? Or maybe they believe that our equipment is so sh!t it must be a cover for a frighteningly effective capability. Oops, hope I haven't let the cat out of the bag!

    From the Independent:

  2. So has anyone here had a dodgy PM?

    "Oh hi Comr.... errr mate , I see you're working with Bowman , tsk tsk crap innit ? By the way , I'm having trouble with the databurst capability when the satellite is shaded in the 5'o clock azimuth at an angle of 42.7 degrees , are you having the same problem?"

    I would hope most people here would either ignore , or flag an out of the blue PM from someone "interested in what they do"

    So beware PM's from people you've never ever spoken to , PM's that ask about Technical specifics or comparisons ,what you do in the Army or where your last posting or next posting will be etc etc.

    Especially PM's from "Female students interested in the Army"

    I know when it happens in open forum, most of you are quick to jump in with "Why do you want to know that , are you KGB or summat?"

    But , joking aside, be aware it's not just "Military enthusiasts" that are interested in any snippets of information
  3. Am now examining all strangers to see if anyone has snow on their boots. A dead give away, for sure.
  4. I never had a PM from any female students interested in the I doing something wrong???

    "Hello, I am Natasha and I am interested in the Army. I need you to see if my bosom is suitable for the military environment and if my private hair is cut correctly. I am doing a project on the (insert overbudget capability here) and if you send me information on the (insert embarrasingly precise technichal specifics here) I will send you photos of my bosom and private hair for evaluation"
  5. The problem (alledgedly) with Russian women and "private hair" is that it tends to cover more than the usual target area. You could get a 'photo of her sternum. Not nice, and hardly worth telling them why it is our radios don't work. Alternatively we could just sell them some dodgy submarines. Preferably crewed by satanists...
  6. Well if some lovely Russian slapper wants to know all my secrets of the DMS, she can come round to my office and take down the particulars in question and I will help fill her with all the information she needs. Then if she needs more oral verification of the problems I face, I can give her that too. However if she wants too much, I can always show her the back entrance and tell her to kiss it, which hopefully she might :twisted:
  7. In my experience most Russian military who come to the UK are more interested in going to Madame Tusuards and shopping in Argos than they are in trying to get any useful int.
  8. They're 'avin a feckin larf aint they??

    We couldn't 'politic' our way out of a wet paper bag!!! (unless GWB said it was OK) :twisted:
  9. Two McDonalds stars?
  10. Its obvious - they are all Chelski supporters.
  11. Ob dear, our budget has been cut - let's invent some spies to get it re-instated.

    Watch 'The Power of Nightmares' 21.00 tomorrow BBC2 - you'll get the idea.
  12. I thought that we just did that to our allies, after keeping the really sh!t kit for ourselves.
  13. So they are after our footballing secrets!
  14. Ah, an opportunity to fund my way through uni, selling my high level military knowledge and many hushed-up military secrets to the Russians!


  15. F*ck it, I am open to offers. :D

    Fifty quid gets you the secret ingredients to the Naval Cheesy-Hammy-Eggy, though will settle for "Honey-trap" style blackmail at a pinch... :D