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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trotsky, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. OK, at the advanced aged of 40 I am considering turning my back on the delights of such places as Barking and Feltham and going to have a break teaching the Iraqis or Afghans or some such how to run their own diversity courses and enforce red routes.

    But seriously this will mean deploying, something I have never done before (beyond the odd chelsea match and some of them were real wars, I still remember a chelsea fan coming up to me and mine and saying "you lads need a warrior mate" but thats another story)

    The serious part of this is how do you control the runs? Do you take vast quantaties of imodium with you and how much of a tour are you out of action and stuck on the bog (checking for camel spiders). What about other tropical diseases? Beyond vaccinations etc have you got any tips?

    I ask because the MPS is savage about sick time and I can actually see my career suffering for going if I am sailing the brown tide all the time

  2. Cheap Imodium from tesco - did the job for me. (After having twenty odd craps in 24hrs.) Top tip - get the shiits as quick as you can when you get there - hopefully get it out of the way.
  3. You reckon it only happens once or twice then?
  4. Three bon mots of advice

    1. Don't eat anything you can't spell

    2. Don't eat anything bigger than your own head

    3. Take as much immodium as you can carry

    Don't expect to have a 'hard' movement while you're there, it goes with the terrain. But at least you won't be leaking down your legs to the amusement/disgust of your colleagues.
  5. Only had one really bad day of it - what a feckin day though! Then a couple of days after coming back from R'n'R my hoop fell apart once more, but not too bad/too long.
    It's mostly your body just getting used to different bacteria in the food or the fly sh!t.
    There were a couple of minor incidents - but they were due to locally produced ice cream and local kebab. Messy both ends - Straight in and out! :puker:
  6. With a username like yours, this can only be a wah :)
  7. fraid not (although this did cross my mind)!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The cheapo anti-shit medicines have got exactly the same in them as immodium, for a much smaller price.
  9. i wouldnt be too quick on the immodium if u get the runs it is your body's way or ridding itself of something it doesnt like. I would give it 24 hours with lots of fluid and dioralyte before you start taking pills, dont eat any local killed meat only drink bottled water and make sure it is from a reliable source. take plenty of insect repellent and a mosquito net, take a good antiseptic spray and cream,germolene is good as it stops bites itching. but immodium is not always the answer, save yourself some money when buying it and get the generic stuff, its generic name is loperamide 30mg. Hope that helps.
  10. I'm assuming that you are deploying as a copper and not TA / interested do gooder.....

    Without going all HR on you.....

    If the "illness" :D is attributable to your service in a foreign climate due to lack of sanitation / poor local hygeine standards. Then you should not get penalised.

    There are ways around this internally - excuse the pun !

    PM me and I'll give you a better answer.
  11. Avoid ice in drinks. Most folks make it from cruddy tap/well water then add it to your nice clean glass of bottled water/soda.

    Salads are washed in the same cruddy well/tap water. Avoid. Outdoor barbecue grills used by street vendors are not usually too clean but the heat kills off most of the nasties. Get it fresh off the fire rather than waiting in a fly encrusted dish next to the road.

    A box of arrowroot/cornflour is a good cement mixture for the plumbing. Tablespoon full in a mug with a little water, drink it down and prepare not to take the Mugabes to the pool for a day or three. Pass a brick when you do eventually go.
  12. All valid stuff as previously posted, but one or two additions; I repair the spawn of Satan known as computers, and the stuff that gets blown out of them occasionally gives me an extreme acquaintance with this subject.

    1. Immodium or work-a-likes are good, but they are bungers-up, not cures. See below for preventatives/cures.

    2. The best cure I ever took was CIPROFLOXACIN. (See, even six years later, I can still remember the name). No descriptions of the ailment, but this is a brilliant cure. It is, however, a POM (Prescription Only), and asking your doctor for it is useless. Mine just looked down his nose at me and refused. Buy it in a sensible country (I get mine whenever I go abroad) and get twice as much as you need, as you'll be giving it away a lot.

    3. Colloidal Silver. I discovered this recently, and this cures the early stages, purifies water and food. Take it as soon as the gripey tum becomes evident. Look it up on the internet for a supplier, and take a litre with you. Dose rate is one gulp per "event", and a teaspoon purifies a waterbottle in ten minutes.

    4. Last, an old preventative. Put a chunk of silver in your trusty black plastic water bottle (you youngsters can put it in your camelbak, whatever that is). Silver-plate is no good, but a silver necklace works. Amount of silver isn't critical. Silver wire, plate, a coin, whatever. This has been used for centuries and works as well now as it did when I was in the Crusades. Only downside is you can whack a tooth while drinking, and be careful in case you swallow it.

    I just wish I had known 3 & 4 the last time Mrs Old_Nis and I went to Egypt. Instead, we discovered Ciprofloxacin, and not a moment too soon.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We used to get issued on request Lomitol from the MRS (only available in COP back then) I have asked about it since when enjoying fizzy bum gravy and been assured that its the active ingredient in most bum plugs on the market!
    Mind you just a bovril and a compo mars bar every 24 hours used to bung you up!