The rumours were true!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Speedy, Jan 15, 2006.

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  1. For a while now in Lancashire arround the Ribble estury there have been reports of strange craft going in and out of BEA Systems plant at Warton. This is not unusual, they have many craft under development, but thus one has now seen the light of day. A stealthy UAV callled Corax coming to a war zone near you soon.

  2. No more manned combat aircraft. The airforce can just hire high school kids to fly them, just like a video game.
  3. Yoursalready does. The Predator has quite a high kill rate I gather.
  5. [​IMG]

    UAV's are cheaper than manned aircraft.
  6. They may well be cheaper. By detaching the "pilot" in this way you're asking for problems. Would a pilot sat in a fighter jet have made the same decision as whoever was piloting that unmaned drone (making a huge assumption here that indeed the pakistan incident was a UAV)

    Think of our poor pilots as well. They'll lose the chat up line they so dearly rely on.
  7. A house used by al Qaeda is fair game. Right now we have only one side's version.
  8. one side that at the moment is saying at least 18 locals are dead. Is that fair game? You definitely missed your main target, perhaps there was no target? You military CAN make mistakes. Until the US can present some type of evidence either saying "it wasn't us" or "we got them" then perhaps we'll believe pakistan, who, to be honest, have been pretty good allies on the whole recently...
  9. Is that supposed to be an argument for keeping aircraft manned. There are a number of Brit and Canadian soldiers, not to mention any number of Iraqi wedding guests who might not agree with you there.
  10. Look on the bright side!

    Fast food outlets will have all the staff they need when the Aircrew and Pilots are fired!

    From Aircraft Commander, to a '5 Star' grade counter assistant serving Big Macs.

    Or re-deployed in the forces as ICOUSM (In Charge of Urine Satined Matresses) working in the bedding store!

    Even worse, you could end up in the Lynx Sim at Wallop! Dread the thought!

  11. And the pay saved by the MOD could purchase lots more UAV's. Thats got to be a way forward . . . . . .
  12. Getting back to the original photo (which BTW could do with resizing), do you think BAe deliberately posed the photo, or did they just drag it out of the hangar into a big puddle on a manky piece of tarmac and said get on with it?

    Now back to the debate - will the RAF's only recruiting tool, the 'Red Arrows', be more spectacular with UAVs?
  13. Would the controllers (pilots?) all have to sit in a nice formation on the ground too . .
  14. Well I'm not flying in a radio controlled chinook or hercules :lol: