The rumour that is: RAF St Athens

Discussion in 'RLC' started by captin_thunderpants, May 28, 2008.

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  1. is there any update on this long ongoing rumour yet?
  2. Now MOD St Athan - that one?
  3. what rumour??
  4. the rumour that all trade training is moving there
  5. Not all of it as I understand - they designed then built the buildings and then worked out not everyone would fit in. Genius!!! :roll:
  6. Er...not quite!

    Package 2 of the DTR was deemed to be uneconomical and thus has been binned. This package would have seen a lot of Tri-Service trade training being conducted at St Athan for those trades that had clear cross-overs between the Services ie supplier trg.

    Package 1 was endorsed and will see Tri-Service engineering training moving to St Athan.
  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    The DCLPA answer is that "quite a bit of" RLC trade training along with some other arms and services wil be going to St Athan by 2013.
  8. Have been briefed that Deepcut is closing (not before 2013), with RLC training taking place in Worthy Down, Leconsfield, Kineton and Marchwood, with NO trades moving to St Athan.

    A reliable source.
  9. mmmmm? So what are no trades? PetOps are staying in West Moors. And looking at your other places you can guess the trades going to them, so who are these no-trades! :roll:
  10. Unless I'm mistaken, currently training in Deepcut (which is to close) are:

    Mov Con
    RE Resource Specialists
    elements of Dvr trg


    Grown up stuff like OLSC, ALSC, Jt Svc Mov Staff, QM trg, Safety Management trg, et-set-er-rah-et-set-er-rah.
  11. I am currently stationed at MoD St Athan, and to my knowledge...... Just looking out of my window No building work has started yet on this new super training establishment. There are loads and loads of old RAF buildings that are falling to rubble, but nothing new. Maybe they had better get a move on if they are going to be operational by 2013. It has currently taken my unit two years just to negotiate the construction of an internal fence! This could be another MoD white elephant!

    On a more informative note, I believe their is a problems with housing. When they initially planned to close St Athan, over 75% of the housing stock was sold to private housing company's. The Silly Bills in Whitehall! Now they do not have enough space to build the academy and all the housing requirements for the academy and the resident unit. Some land has been compulsory purchased on the East Camp side from the local population, and what dramas that caused
  12. It has been said (for about 2 years) that Blanford will close as a tri-service training establishment and move to St Athen in 2014.

    Far be it for me to scoff at these plans, however Javelin Barracks in Elmpt is also due to close that year, and there is real estate to realise this plan in various sites in UK, but the same dramas as St Athen has been found, no qtrs.

    Typical MOD, sell everything off and then rent it back for double the price :roll: