The rumour mill


We all must have come across this particular individual, every unit was issued one. Ours was a youngish Lance jack name of Bob. Now Bob had a wicked sense of humour and could be counted on to start the rumours running, Usually just before a tour like Op Banner ended, all single men are being extended to assist new unit etc. Bob was a bottomless pit of one line wind ups. You're needed at the CSM/orderly room/gaurd rm etc usually ending up in unneccesary extras or a bollocking for wasting someone elses time. Bobs messages/rumours would have enough believability for the gullible to fall for. Yes I went to the chief clerk about once a week, though what he needed with a Chunky I never guessed. Problem was Bob was deadpan and he probably would charge you for disobeying a direct order. Do I or dont I? When let loose with requests on BFBFs in 666 he was deadly, how many birthdays did seaman staines at navy point have? Was Sp CSM really a left behind from Japanese Imperial Army?
Lightened up all our grim days Bob, hope you are keeping well. I heard he was selling cars for a living but knowing Bob more of a laugh.
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