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Up to now I have kept this very simple - makes life easier for you ARRSERs! But lately we have people joining in competitions, which is good, winning and then not claiming their prize!!

Therefore new rule: "If a prize is not claimed for a period of 2 weeks after notification to the winners then the next winning person on the list will be offered the book."

This of course goes along with Rules 1 & 2 which you all know so well:

Rule 1 - Auld Yin is never wrong
Rule 2 - If AY is proven to be wrong - refer to Rule 1.


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If you still end up with unclaimed books, I'd like to refer m'learned (well he must be, he reads books) colleague to Grownup_Rafbrat, who periodically does stands at things like the Tank Museum Christmas Festival to raise money for iirc Help for Heroes.

I have a plan currently to dump on her (no, let me rephrase that) provide her with a significant number of once-read Arrse review and other books that will occupy less space in my full-of-books abode (and raise money for a charity close to our raison-d'etre).


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Ooh. Is that a good way to get rid of all the military history books on my bookshelves? Read once, never dropped. I hate giving them to normal charity bookshops.

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