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We do, it's this thread, , though tbf, it has somewhat fallen into disuse since being moved to the Arrse Hole, after some exquisite dummy-spitting on the part of some posters, and people have forgotten it. It worked quite well, nominate the chopper in question and the reasons why and if your your nomination gets supported by others they got O2'ed. Worked on Oli_Slick/Semper and Tekirdag amongst others.

So if you feel someone deserves nomination do it.

No I'm not talking about a place where mud is slung and personal grievances aired- the 'Rogues Gallery' or 'Sin Bin' wouldn't be open for comment. Only mods would have access and only the bare facts would be listed. Each post could be titled with the miscreants user name and 'sentence' and the offending post repeated within, maybe with a brief comment from the mod concerned if it was thought necessary.


Is there any rules regarding the sharing of AOSB dates on the public forum, from a PERSEC point of view?

Apologies if bone question.


Yes, if you are careless about your online profile.

It really isn't too difficult to identify many of the posters on here, and certainly would be even easier if they identify themselves to a particular AOSB date.

Tracking down "TarquinF-S92" based on his bone AOSB questions, posts and pictures of his "Gap yah" and general drivel is not going to pose a real challenge, especially for the AOSB staff who are site members.
I think this site is full of old farts who are online 24 hr per day, anyone trying to obtain any info will be met with a barrage of insults followed by a ban for reacting to insults,any serious questions will be met with a mockery before a trickle of info can be dissected.

Only if you post in the free fire parts of the site. You'll find that some parts ie CA & Recruitment, are heavily moderated and anyone being a knob in these parts of the site gets a very quick shoeing off the duty Mod.


Clearly time for another reminder that the rules on the Officers board are the same as the others.

If your post isn’t accurate, up to date and helpful to the potential applicant then it doesn’t belong here. Grammar Nazism ist verboten.

Points and ROPs await.
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