THe Rozzers - What Are They Good For?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fertman, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. There was some kind of pseudo-debate on R4 this morning on whether it was the responsibility of the police or the community to deal with anti-social behaviour. Er, what do we pay very tasty salaries to the boys in blue - I mean 'increasingly-more-SS-like uniforms' - for?
  2. Never saw the SS looking THAT scruffy, even the Waffen-SS looked 'ally' and not so much as a dayglo jacket between the lot of them...!
  3. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    So how do the police believe the "community" should deal down on anti-social behaviour?
  4. Well the police should employ something like a Police Community Support Officer :D

    What do standard issue plod do? Fill in forms mainly.
  5. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    with very great difficulty as any who ring will be told the plod are too busy, filling in forms or drinking tea no doubt, and if the 'public' then take any form of action they will get their collar felt for breaching the oiks 'uman rites' :x :x
  6. The Hunt seems like a good option, can't hunt animals with hounds can't remember anything being said about shite head little scrotes
  7. Permanent birth control after sprog 1 to people on benefits would be a start. That way the could fcuk themselves fit for work without diluting the gene pool any further with their underclass offspring being a drain on society...
  8. Quite simply, the Police Forces are not manned by the type of Police Constable this country needs. In the old days, you had to be 6 foot plus and have a bit about you. This came in very handy, when being confronted by 2 or 3 teenage yobs. Rather than run away like todays PC's, or wait around until there are 20 of your mates around, before you deal with these yobs, old school coppers would swiftly deal with such bullies. Nowadays, its quite clear as to who is in charge of our streets, and I will give you a clue.............they dont wear a uniform. Far too many PC's are small, meek and unable to carryout the duties of a PC. They are quite simply, too scared to confront 'yobs', and deal with them.
    Whilst this continues to happen, we will always have a yob culture who run amok on our streets.
    But hey, whilst the Police Forces meet their quota of female and EM's recruits, who cares ??
  9. Here we go again.

    I'll sign out the sticks and cloth, someone bring some lighters and keep your eye out for the bus at the outrage stop.
  10. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    This smacks of the nasty trend for the police to see themselves as apart from the world they live in - as opposed to being part of the it. It is the responsibility of the "community" to deal with anti-social behaviour and we do it by employing policemen.
  11. Totally agree, the Police go out of their way to antagonise, and seperate themselves from the people they are PAID to SERVE !!!
    They are public servants, and until they get their heads around that fact, they will always fail in their duties.
    Closing Police Station's, only patrolling in cars, heavy handed approaches to members of the public, looking like bags of shite on duty.........I could go on, as to how they are FAILING to carryout their role as Public Servants.
  12. I'll start here. Do you honestly think that if Gene Hunt had have lasted this long he'd still be in a job? Police officers are not allowed to hit, or even threaten to hit kids anymore. They'll be sacked or imprisoned quicker than you would for it.

    You actually believe they run away? My only experience of this is when a Traffic officer had a pistol pulled on him whilst stopping a car full of teenagers (and seeing as they are pretty extreme circumstances I'll let him off with that one) so where you get that nonesense from I don't know. I'd say 99 times out of 100 its the sh1ts who do the running from uniformed plod. The exception being those who either know how to use a mobile phones video recording setting or those who see that its a PCSO and not a plod.

    As for old school coppers "Swiftly" dealing with bullies. They're all "Swiftly" being put in offices so they can be fortunate enough to see out their careers safe from sacking. Those who stay out and still Police like its 1980 walk a very fine line every day. More and more of these types are being sacked, month in month out.

    Bin men?

    Your right in a strange way. There are too many small and meek types. However even the meat heads (I work with plenty) are too scared to confront yobs, in the manner which you're implying we should. I.E we'll all quite happily stand "singley crewed" as we normally are amongst large groups of p1ssed up feral youths on a friday night and even turn them over for alcohol, weapons, drugs. However if you think your local bobby is going to risk the legal backlash of giving the first mouthy one a dig in the teeth... Think again.

    No argument!
  13. You've not seen the coppers in Manchester then. They're more military style than other forces in their dealings with crims and wear more kit than robocop. They don't fook about and you see em every 2 mins on the streets rather than sat drinking coffee lol :wink:
  14. Only patrolling in cars hey? I wonder why....

    The area in which I work has a population in excess of 50,000 to 60,000. It consists of several decent sized council housing estates and one private one. This is not ruralshire. This is a big urban city.

    I'm on duty tonight and expect that when we parade on the parade room will contain no more than 6 of us (Unless someone is off sick, on leave, on a course, in magistrates court, in crown court or covering a football match of some sort).

    One of them will go directly to the front desk (as our station stays open), One will go into the custody suite (Cells), One will deal with Grade 3 type jobs (Jobs where the offender is no longer at scene), One will be allocated to deal with any prisoners in the cells from the previous shift. Everyone else is free to go out and mooch for crime if they have no paperwork from the last shift to complete. However today when I arrive I expect there to be no less than 20 outstanding calls for service jobs to be dealt with first.

    Now. If you are willing to not moan if your house gets broken into and I take 90 minutes to get there let me know where you live and I will happily walk around on foot.
  15. Well the responses I am getting are very interesting indeed. Obviously I and everyone else in this country who feels that the YOBS run our streets, are imagining it. Obviously, every Police Officer is dealing with YOBS correctly, and this idea that people are prisoners in their own homes is a myth.
    If I was a Police Officer, I WOULDN'T park up in some pokey street in the evening, waiting for some motorist to pass me with a light out on their car, so I could pull them. I would be hanging out, where the local YOBS are and continually causing THEM GRIEF !!! we have got it wrong in this country, the POLICE are the ones who should be giving these YOBS a hard time, NOT the other way round. And if Police Officers are going to moan that they cant do that because they might be complained about, I suggest they try and do something about it. Cause these YOBS, are making alot of peoples lives a living misery, and recent events are even pushing innocent people to the levels of killing themselves.