The Royl Ordnance Fusileers?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by HE117, Jun 3, 2012.

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  1. Anyone watching Vera at the moment....?

    ... and I thought The Hurt Locker was a load of crap..!

    Good Grief!
  2. Loving it, RMP Capt hands in pockets whilst talking to CO.
  3. And not saluting him when he left. Anyone ever used a Browning 9mm with a silencer? Shelves were full of them in our armoury.
  4. Watched the fist episode of the first series, that was enough for me!
    I never thought they would make a second..her dreary fucking accent would give you the shits.
  5. What the fcuk is 'Vera'?
  6. Mrs B_R is watching it … this thread however reminded of an earlier one on this site which in which a post went something like ….
    … superb ARRSE .
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  7. Stupid detective series - "starring" Brenda Blethin..

    Channel 3 now
  8. At leat you spelt Ordnance correctly, the rest isn't important.
  9. Apparantly you can be an ATO as a Cpl in the Royal Ordnance Fusileers... !

    Lots of 1000 yard stares and wait for it... GUNS!

    Schlock horror...
  10. Is that the one with an autistic old lady?
  11. Well.... she's supposedly a Geordy - does that count?
  12. What a load of shit this programme is. It's not like a military adviser would have even cost much. Although I think any squaddie with the tiniest bit of self-respect wouldn't want anything to do with this civvy dog toffee.
  13. Isn't this the episode that they cancelled (replacing it with a Lewis) because of a death in Afg? Now, alas, following another death, they decide to show it anyway.
  14. I'd have eaten the Monkey rupert bird out like a mong child with an ice cream cone.
  15. Something wrong?